How To Wear Silver Jewellery Right


Did you know that silver metal actually has health benefits? It creates a conductive field around you, which repels any electromagnetic radiation away from you. Thus, the natural conductivity of your body works efficiently, helping in blood circulation, healing, and maintaining temperature balance. This article though delves into how to wear silver jewellery right to enhance the aesthetics of your look and style.

Consider your Skin Tone

There are three kinds of skin tone in general – cool skin tone, warm skin tone and neutral skin tone. Most people have a cool skin tone. You can tell your skin tone by looking at the color of your veins, hair, and eyes. If your veins are on the bluer side of the spectrum, accompanied with blonde or dark brown hair, your skin tone is cool. Cool skins are prone to irritation and redness. The cool skin tone works very well with silver jewellery, and also stones in red or purple hues.

Warm skin tones are characterised by an ebony hue and greener veins. They are also more prone to tanning. Ebonized silver, which is silver with a slight black stain, works very well with this skin tone. In terms of stones, pick something with orange or yellow hues.

The neutral skin tone is more akin to cool skin tones, although most stuff works very well with this type. When it comes to diamonds though, they look good with almost any skin tone.

For a sophisticated look

If you are still wearing your favourite pieces of junk jewellery from your school years, you are doing it wrong; especially if you are wearing them to special evenings. For a classier, more sophisticated look, stay away from cute shapes in pendants like hearts or birds. Stay away from stones in bright colors too. The point is to go a little understated.

Play with contrast

If you are wearing a black gown for instance, women's silver jewellery in its most natural hue would look the best. Ebonized jewellery won't look great with a black dress, simply because it would get lost in the whole attire. Similarly, if you are wearing something in white or lighter colors, either pick ebonized pieces, or silver jewellery with stones in subdued colors. The point is not let the colour of your dress and the colour of your jewellery clash.