How To Take Care Of Your Wedding Rings And Jewels


The wedding ring is a symbol of love. It reminds you of the happiest moment of your life. Hence, as a remembrance, you want to have it for life. But, these rings are also worn out like any other object. Unless proper care is taken the wedding and engagement rings quickly depreciate. These rings require cleaning and maintenance to keep them looking new. It is important to take care of these rings since any damage will cost you money to repair or to buy a new ring. If you just take a few precautions, you can easily extend the life of the ring.

Choosing Your Wedding Rings:

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Where Can You Buy?

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Preserving Your Jewels:

Some people would lever like to remove their wedding or engagement rings. However, while going to certain places, it is always best to remove them to avoid any damage. One such place is while going for swimming. When you get into cold water, the ring may fall due to shrinkage of the fingers. You can't afford to lose a ring that is dear to you.

Chlorine and salt in the water may also damage the ring reducing the shine. It is also best to avoid wearing the ring while applying make-up. Since lotions and creams have chemicals which reduce the sheen of the diamonds and precious metals. Don't wear while operating heavy machinery or participating in a sport or agricultural work since it can ruin the ring. Another most important thing is to know when you remove the ring and keep it in safe custody. Just taking these steps can protect your precious ring for a lifetime.

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