How To Pull Off Earrings At Work Like The Duchess Of Cambridge


Whether it is Commonwealth Day Service where she wore an Erdem coat with reasonably sized ear jewels, or a day spent guest editing at The Huffington Post where she flaunted a gorgeous pair of pearl earrings with a tweed skirt and a sheer blouse; the Duchess of Cambridge knows how to add that bit of oomph to her official tour outfits with a pair of sparkling ear jewellery.

Following the Duchess' footsteps, this article explores how a matronly office outfit can be brightened up with a pair of stunning earrings in order to offset the dullness of it all.

Read on to find out how you can ditch that boring look with sparkle and shine!

Unassuming, yet Bold

A simple, elongated strand of pearl earrings, or a clunky diamond cluster set in yellow gold may seem like modest options for jewellery, but its effect is breathtaking.

Think of the Duchess' visit to Action on Addiction in Wiltshire where she wore a gorgeous blue number coupled with sapphire and diamond ear studs. The entire ensemble reflects power and control in the most sophisticated, yet assertive, manner. Now, you don't have to rob a bank to get these sapphire and diamond studs, you can simply opt for a crystal number in similar style and rock your day at work!

Bigger isn't Always Better

Apart from celebratory dinners, wearing extra large stones and jewellery at work is frowned upon at most workplaces.

Take cue from Kate Middleton's jewellery at The Place2Be Headteacher Conference in London or at The Annual Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall. One thing that remains constant is the sexy, yet powerful, elegance.

Kate Middleton has been spotted sporting Jazz Age jewellery with diamonds, pearls, and gold at her official visits since she took charge of her office. Her taste is feminine, creative, and is partly responsible for the renaissance of subtle chic. This makes it flexible to incorporate her style in your routine.

You can start a subtle chic revolution in your earring wardrobe by exploring our store at Saruchi R Jewellery which offers a variety of options and designs for you to order from. So get your hands on those glistening pearls and sparkly crystals, and turn your dull and boring ensemble into a total head turner with just a couple of earrings!