How To Pick The Perfect Anniversary Gift


Buying jewelry in New York is a good way to tell someone that they are loved. Bracelets, necklaces, and rings let loved ones know that you are committed to them. Jewelers know how to help their clients pick out the perfect gift for all occasions, but anniversaries are a particularly special time to shop for jewels. Well-made jewelry can be a symbol for your love and devotion, and is meant to be long lasting. Here's a reference for anniversary jewel shopping.


Gold is usually given to celebrate the very first year of marriage. If you didn't include a gold band with your engagement ring at your wedding, then the first anniversary is a perfect reason to add to your sweetheart's ring. This can be yellow, rose, or white gold.


Sapphires are a unique way to show your love after 5 years of marriage. This deep blue jewel can be given on its own or set with several other precious stones in a ring, bracelet, earrings, or pendant.


After 10 years together, it may be time to upgrade your partner's diamond. Perhaps you couldn't quite afford the size or style you wanted a decade ago and now you're both secure enough in your careers that you can make that change. If you're satisfied with your diamond ring, maybe you can add some real diamond earrings to go with it.


What an accomplishment 20 years of marriage is for a couple! Treasure this special occasion with emeralds. This brilliantly green jewel would look great on a brooch, set around a watch, or even lining the top of a jewelry box.


Pearls look lovely around any woman's neck and wrists. They give an aura of distinction and beauty without being too flashy. They are a classy way to show your spouse that the last 30 years have been meaningful and precious.


The eye-catching red ruby is often associated with royalty. It's a regal jewel that you and your loved one deserve after 40 years of wedded bliss. A ruby necklace for her and cufflinks for him will make a great pair.


Jewelers love working with couples that have been together for half a century. If you have met this milestone, you are a rare breed, and your love has come full circle to celebrate your golden anniversary with gold jewelry in New York! Congratulations to you both!