How To Market Beaded Bracelets And Other Accessories


Those who are looking to start a business in fashion jewelry they will surely not be able to overlook the popularity of beaded bracelets and other fashion items. Indeed, beaded accessories are always popular as they are cheap, but look colorful and great for young girls and boys as well. You could decide to focus on adding beaded bracelets of different materials and designs which would be great to get the sales of your counters among younger age groups.

Beads of different materials

Beads are usually of different materials among which glass and bone beads are well known. These can be expensive when you opt for high quality bone and glass or crystal materials; again, acrylic based beads that create similar looks can bring down your costs and help you sell cheap bead bracelet for women. It would depend on the customer segment you are targeting. For instance, if you are looking at young school and college goers, they will be attracted by innovative and funky designs that are cheap and inexpensive to purchase. Accordingly, you can choose the materials and designs to market.

Get the right expertise

The artisans you employ to design and create the beads will determine the quality of the fashion accessories you sell and how happy your customers will be happy with them. While beading together a small bead bracelet for women would be easy to do, if you are looking to get versatile artisan skills to design different fashion accessory items, you need to find the right experienced expert from the market.

Create an appealing catalog or display

Beaded accessories that are not being sold as a designer bead bracelet, would be easily available at many fashion accessory outlets. In order to bring in more customers to your store, you need to create an attractive display or catalog. That will help you draw the attention of customers more. You could get innovative mannequin pieces or jewelry decor items to display the items in a way that they look attractive. The right kind of lighting is also crucial when you are setting up beaded accessories for display in your store, such as a designer bead bracelet.

Display content

Often people are unaware of the material that the beads are made of. For instance, if you mention that the beads are made of bones many would be intrigued to buy such items. Again, glass or semi glass beads attract women of all ages. Young women in general will find it appealing to get bracelets that are inexpensive and come in different materials. They will be able to pair them with different outfits. If you display content about the beads, how they are designed, the materials they are based upon or the traditional methods or artisan methods used, many would find these items more appealing to buy. These are some ways you can build interest and appeal of the beaded accessories you showcase for selling.