How To Identify Original Diamond


The best thing to confirm whether a jewel is real or fake is to take it to an experienced jeweller who can easily tell about its quality, nature and originality. It is obvious that verifying a stone's originality is really important as it decides it value and worth. But, what if you want to detect it by your own? Below are some tests that can help you to identify whether the diamond is real or not?

1. Imply “Read-through” effect

If the gem is unmounted or loose, simply turn it upside down on a piece of printed paper. If you are not able to read the text through the gem, it can be an original diamond. And, if you can read it through the text, it is not probably a read diamond. Dubai diamond dealers use this method to test the purity of cut round brilliant stone.

2. Try “Fog test”

Diamonds are great conductors of heat, if you breathe on real diamond, you will notice that fog will disperse immediately while, if the gem is fake, the surface will remain foggy for a longer extent. Fog test works best for clean stones. You can buy diamonds In Dubai from reputed jewellers at affordable prices.

3. Check thermal conductivity

As diamonds are good conductors of heat, thermal test works best on them. The rate of disappearing heat rate determines the originality of stone. This test is not limited to diamonds only, it works best on other stones too except synthetic moissanite as it is recognized as real diamond on testing.

4. Moissanite Doubling

If you can access the diamond with a microscope, there are ample of features that can tell you about its originality. If the stone passes heat test and you want to know whether it is a real diamond or moissanite, enhance the magnification power and observe stone through one of the bezel on the crown. If the gem reflects doubling, it might be a moissanite while, if reflects only one facet line, it is a real diamond.

5. Check the brilliance

Diamond reflection is unique and tells important things about its purity like inside real diamond, grey and white brilliance is present while, from outside, it reflects rainbow colours through outer surface. If the diamond reflects rainbow hues from inside, it is fake one. Many people thinks that diamond scattering rainbow colours from inside are real but it is a myth!

Hope it helped you!