How To Identify Original Darryl Becenti Work


Darryl Becenti, learned to create fine silver jewelry from his famous brothers-in-law, David and Leroy Reeves. His artistry and creativity does not end with jewelry, as he is also well known for his sand paintings. Darryl became increasingly famous when he began to create custom pieces for Hollywood elites and some of the best western country musical artists who adore his exceptional creations. Investing in one of his bracelets will ensure a fine addition to your collection or to your estate, as each piece makes a remarkable heirloom piece, too. However, you must be careful when looking for Darryl Becenti jewelry. These factors should help you identify and purchase original Darryl Becenti pieces:

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  • Darryl's distinctive style – His pieces often feature his signature deeply hand-stamped Navajo designs on thick gauges of silver. Likewise, he is a master of the repousse technique, a type of metalworking he uses to shape or create designs on silver by hammering from the reverse side (resulting in a low relief or an embossed-like design). These qualities are distinct when you examine genuine pieces by Darryl Becenti. One of his finest creations boasts three gorgeous rare gem grade natural Aztec spider web turquoise cabochons surrounded with hand twisted wire and high-quality bezel work. The bracelet has deep stamp work near the terminals on both sides, and small and large droplets to accent the band's outer edges.
  • The store that sells it – Find a reputable store that specializes in carrying a wide range of Native American and rare natural American turquoise. Make sure that the store has been in business for at least four decades. This is a good way to determine the trustworthiness and reliability of the seller.
  • The price – Original Native American jewelry is often expensive, but if you buy wisely, it can be a great investment because of it can be both collectible for its material value and for the collectability of the artist's work.
  • Certificate of authenticity – Verify that the Darryl Becenti piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, which assures you his name and tribal affiliation. The certification guarantees the value of the item and the materials used in creating it. Having a certificate of authenticity will make it easier to add the piece to your estate and ensure its value in your collection.