How To Evaluate Pear Cut Diamonds


Before we delve into the depth of the subject, you need to start by understanding what exactly are pear cut diamonds? The combination of a round and a marquise shape is what creates the brilliant pear cut diamonds. However, the highlight of this pretty diamond is its pointed and tapered shape. The point makes it stand apart from the other options in this category. The narrow point is precisely placed towards the finger of the wearer.

However, even in this basic explanation, there lies a difference that people will learn to identify. First things first, always remember that the pear shaped diamonds come in various cut sizes and widths. Symmetry is the key that helps identify these diamond rings and actually differentiate them from the others.

In most cases, the symmetry is pretty distinct. Occasionally, when the symmetry appears to be crowded, you can always rely on the other factors to identify the pear cut diamonds. Everything from the shoulder to the wings is uniformly cut to give it a better aesthetic appeal.

If the cut is irregular, the diamond is likely to get its firth in the wrong place. While this is a clear identification factor, you must also understand that such irregular girth only demeans the value of the stone.

Jewelers with a bad reputation are often known to use this technique. Now, you may be wondering, how could this help them? In order to understand this, look at the bigger picture. When the diamond loses its original shape and gains girth at the wrong places, it adds extra weight to the stone. This means when the stone is sold to a prospective buyer, he or she ends up paying extra money.

Of course, all this can be simply avoided by learning to choose the right stone. The most important tip to keep in mind while identifying such diamonds is to check the cut at the shoulders and wings of the stone. If the cut is uniform, the diamond is accurate.

When placed against gold or platinum, this diamond looks pretty and exquisite. However, remember choosing a good wedding ring is always the result of the couple doing the job together. Look at it as an excellent opportunity to spend time together and get the perfect ring to seal the deal!