How To Ensure The Quality Of Diamond Jewelries


Diamond jewelry is one of the most common and highly appreciated gifts that we use for marking different occasions and events in our lives. These jewelries are our way of expressing what your loved ones mean to us. Anniversaries, birthdays, weddings and other achievements are some of the occasions we celebrate through gifting unique jewelry pieces and diamonds to our loved ones.

But often you may wonder how to choose diamond jewelries. Being a novice, you often make the selection on the basis of the design of the jewelry and whether it comes within your budget. But if you want to buy quality jewelry and ensure that they are value for money, read on to know how to value the diamonds before making the purchase.

Get an Idea about the 4Cs

The 4Cs of diamond quality is a common language which all jewelries across the globe use for describing the attributes of a diamond and determining its overall quality.


Do you know that diamonds are measured in metric carats? For instance, a small paper clip weighs approximately two carats.


Diamonds are formed by nature under severe pressure and heat. Almost all diamonds, including emerald cut diamond contains some unique internal characteristics known as inclusions and external characteristics known as blemishes. Most of the characteristics are extremely small and cannot be seen through naked eyes. Experienced gemologist use magnifying glasses for studying the characteristics of diamond!


Even though diamonds can be designed in different shapes, the word 'cut' means how the complex angles and proportions of diamonds relate to light. Various factors influence the cut grade of a diamond, including its craftsmanship, design and overall face-up appearance.


Do you know that absolutely colorless diamonds are highly priced and extremely rare?

Prominent Dubai jewellery shops hire trained gemologist study the subtle color distinction of the diamonds. The color difference can significantly impact the price of the diamonds.

To know more about the 4Cs of diamond, you can conveniently read online articles, blogs or informative contents. You will get an idea about how the diamonds are valued and how you too can ensure that you are making the right purchase of the jewelry. Apart from the 4Cs, you also need to ensure that while buying online diamond jewelry, you make the selection of a prominent jewelry store. This is due to the fact that credible jewelry stores only offer quality and branded jewelries and ensure that they offer competitive pricing. Thus, you can buy unique diamond jewelries that are not only classy and elegant, but of great quality as well!