How To Choose Your Bridal Jewellery


Designer dress, exotic jewellery, professional make-up, fine hair-do and angelic beauty, these are some of the key ingredients that make-up a perfect bride! Along with other attractions of the night, bride is unanimously the number one attraction that people look forward to, in any wedding.

When we talk of Indian bride, then certainly there is a lot more to add to the charm. Every girl dreams to look her best for her big day. It might seem an easy task to many, but the fact is, it needs proper planning and management to look flawlessly beautiful.

Girls go on crash diet to look slim on the day, designers are hired much before the date to co-ordinate and end up with the desired lehenga/saree, beauty treatments start as early as six months prior to the date and the most expensive and most important part- wedding jewellery is also carefully thought upon and bought to completely blend in with the outfit and the make-up.

In order to make it possible without any last moment crisis, the bride-to-be should definitely plan and choose her bridal jewellery. After all, this day comes once in life and gives memories for the lifetime. Talking along the same lines, let us discuss few important points to be kept in mind while choosing your bridal jewellery

1) According to Your Face Shape-

Every girl is different and so is her face shape. Not all pieces of jewellery can equally suit everyone. Therefore, most important task is to study your face shape and then buy the jewellery. For example, the girl having round face should never go for big round earrings; this can totally mess up her look. Instead, oval or chandelier earrings with long necklace will look perfect on this face shape. Likewise, oval, square, heart shaped and diamond shaped faces should consider what looks best on them and then choose the jewellery.

2) According to Skin Tone-

By the word skin tone, we definitely do not mean about looking fair or dark. We are exactly talking about your skin tone. For instance, if your veins are bluish and skin undertone is rosy, then, you have cool skin tone. White metals like platinum, silver and white gold will suit you the best. Talking about gemstones, opt for diamonds, pearls, rubies or sapphires. Next, if your veins are greenish and skin has golden sheen, then opt for yellow gold kundan jewellery. Gemstones having yellow, orange and olive colour will complement you the best.

3) Single Tone Jewellery-

Whatever gemstone and metal colour you choose, please stick to the same colour for every piece of jewellery. Choosing different colours for necklace, earrings, bangles etc., will leave you looking frumpy.

4) According to Your Wedding Dress-

Before setting out of home to shop for jewellery, do not forget to take a piece of fabric of your dress for the day. This will let you have the idea of fabric's texture, its colour and brightness. If you choose jewellery in accordance with it, definitely the result will be fantastic!

We hope that above handy tips will help you in choosing the best bridal jewellery. `