How To Choose The Best Women39s Diamond Wedding Bands


A wedding band has a dual significance: first, it serves as a permanent symbol of the couples' love and commitment for each other. It's a smooth band that may be free from any stone or engraving (engraving and stones are rare) and simply an unbroken circle that represents a smoother wedded life at the same time. When it comes to buying this precious band for a woman, diamond wedding bands have no exception. This is because it is only diamond that takes a woman's breath away (apart from her love of life) and every woman secretly loves to wear diamonds.

For men, choosing a diamond wedding band could be little confusing since they may have very little idea of true choice of their beloved. But honestly, it's not as difficult as you might think. As you start shopping for such precious jewelry for your lady, there are three key factors – style, shape and color of the band, that are important to choose the perfect one. Choosing a perfect band is important because it's probably the first precious gift and the sole symbol of your love. Here is a simple guide that will give you some ideas to buy a right diamond wedding band portraying you and your style to your love ones. Let's read on to know these factors:

Style of the Diamond Wedding Bands

According to diamond wedding band dealers, there are four sorts of women: traditional, antique, one that affections handwoven bands and one who has her own creative designs in mind. For a traditional woman, band must be simple with one stone only. It does not mean that you have restricted options, but it can be a classic claw-like or a simple single-band bezel setting that firmly holds the diamond. For antique women, antique looking pieces are favored. A handwoven band indicates you and your partner's lives with one or more diamonds on it. For this style, you can choose between a braided line, twisted or woven. Lastly, personalized bands can have a unique statement of your choice, your names, wedding date, the date of your first meeting and anything you love about it.


Though you can choose among yellow gold, white gold and platinum bands too, but diamond wedding bands are the most preferred. When it comes to diamond, it comes in different shapes like heart, oval, round, emerald, trillion, pear, baguette, princess, marquise and more.


When considering color of diamond, you need to pay more attention than other key factors. A colorless diamond is common and most preferred. But you can choose among diamonds with high-graded and natural looking colors, but after deeply analyzing it. Colored diamond can either increase or decrease its value. When a white diamond has slightly yellow touch, it decreases the value of the band. On the other hand, pink and blue touch increases its value. Diamond colors can be white, yellow, red, blue, pink, orange, black, brown, steel gray, purple or green.

Finally, try to understand the choice of your woman before buying diamond wedding bands for her. You can also ask his family or friends to get the better idea of her choice. This would definitely ease your task. To sum up, this write-up is just the basic guide. Selecting a diamond wedding band or choose designer jewelry is all about getting to know each other instead of simply the trend alone.