How To Choose Genuine Amber For Sale And Make Them A Part Of You


If you are fascinated with amber jewelry or love to collect different type of these, you might be looking for genuine ones available at reasonable rates. Though it is difficult to land on best and the most beautiful ones at throw away prices, you can certainly find them at lower rates sometimes. If you are a person who regularly shops precious and semi-precious gems, etc., you would be probably aware of the things to consider to get the best deals but if not here are a few ways to find the rightly priced amber:

Should meet all the standards

You would want to pay for a stone which meets all the benchmarks. The price would depend upon color, clarity, size and polish of the gem. If the piece is very translucent and the color is one of the rarest, the price would be high compared to the opaque ones which are relatively cheap. If you are looking for it of at least an inch and with an insect inclusion the price is going to be higher. Big pebble sized amber for sale with a trapped insect will cost more than $200.

Wholesalers can offer variety

Approach the wholesalers to buy good quality gems for around 15 to 20 dollars. Uneven, opaque stones without any inclusion and of the size of around 1.5 inches can be purchased under $50, if you are looking for purity of at least 12 carats. Polished beads are also available and can be purchased at much lower prices if they are around 1 cm big. They are sold at a price of approximately $2 for every carat.

Treated ambers are cheap

If you are ready to settle for treated gem beads, you can get for lesser price. This is treated with heat to give it an aged look, most of the times. Similar amber for sale in original color will be more expensive.

Inclusions will raise the price

Ambers with inclusions are collectibles. Unusual inclusions like variety of insects, pieces of plants, seeds, flowers, etc. are considered exotic and are highly prized. Apart from the inclusions, these types of pieces are very translucent and clear. A pendant with this type of material bead is the most sought after jewelry pieces and so are the amber carved rings. Don't expect to get them at lower prices.

Oldest is the best

The older the gem piece the more likely it is going to be highly priced. It is however difficult to distinguish between the old and relatively newer ones. In the absence of proper certification by a competent gemological laboratory, one needs to look at the inclusions carefully and determine an approximate age of the gem. As a collector you would require a lot of experience and knowledge to be able to pick up a genuine old piece with a naturally fossilized inclusion.

There is plenty of fake amber sold in the market. The sellers of such items would want to pass the fake pieces as the original ones. While it is difficult to distinguish between the fake and original, a keen eye can always catch the difference. The price of this is always dependent on its age, inclusion, size and quality and no other factor.

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