How TO Accessorize The Do39s And Dont39s


Accessories can make you look exceptional, but at the same time it can ruin your look if not chosen properly. If you have a party to attend, you don't know how to look gorgeous with a simple dress. Just wear a black dress and pair it with a necklace and heels, you are ready to go. Pairing your adornments with correct outfits and look dazzling in every party. If you have a business meeting or a business lunch you can just match your dress with pearl set. By learning the basic tips of wearing your outfits and accessorizing them gives you confidence to step in every occasion you need to attend.

Learn the Do's and Dont's

One at a time

Choose the right jewellery at a time, there are many people who make the mistake of piling all the jewelleries they own. If you wear watch,scarf,hat, sunglasses, necklace at a time, it will ruin your look and might look messy. Therefore, wear a single jewellery at a time, wear those pieces wich you want to highlight.

Wearing all the jewelleries at a time, rings, necklace, neck chains, bracelets, bangles, etc will make you look overpowered. Try to wear a piece at a time, like if you choose to wear necklace then avoid wearing earrings. If you choose to wear earrings don't wear necklace.

If you desire to wear a lot of jewelleries at a time, make sure it looks intentional. If you wear silver metallic earrings pair it with metallic bracelet or watch with a scarf.

Pairing correct jewelleries

Simple clothing can be revolutionized by wearing bold adornments. You can boost your simple clothing by wearing bold jewelleries. Colors like black, blue, white, dark green can be completely transformed by pairing them with jewelleries. You can play with colors and add a boost to your dressing style.

You can add definition to your white outfit with multicolored necklace.

No to matchy clothes

You might want to match your outfit color with your earrings, shoes, necklace, bag and scarf, but this will look too matchy and boring. Instead, try to show your creativity by pairing it with different colors. Always remember, choose those colors which complements your skin tone.

Try to be innovative with colors match light colors with darker one, like if you are wearing blue shirt you can pair it with white stoned necklace.


If you chose to wear big earrings, than try avoiding necklace or if you wish to wear necklace try a smaller one. Always keep the sizes in your mind while you choose your ornaments.

Choose wisely Well chosen ornaments gives you the opportunity to look best. Correct jewelleries can make your face look more brighter, eyes more brighter or your calves more defined. If you wear high heels it will help you to elongate your legs.

If you are starting with your ornament collection, begin by choosing that matches your current style. As said earlier accessories can make your look or it can ruin it therefore,choose your ornaments wisely to get a exhilarating look whenever you step out.