Hamilton Automatic Chronograph Jazzmaster Mens Watch


While descriptive words like stylish and sophisticated are abound for describing luxury, some stand apart for more specific elaborations. Using such cliched words doesn't quite do justice to the Hamilton Mens Watch, which stands as a fine example of high-end watch-making, obtainable at affordable prices. This is solely because quality apart, the Hamilton automatic chronograph also scores very high because of the intangible elements put into it.

There's more to the Hamilton Automatic Chronograph than the sophistication it brings and no, we are not talking here about its usability and reliability. These factors are common for all the Hamilton products; rather, it's the entirety of all the haute horological aspects that have been mastered into a single case. From the viewpoint of modernity, confidence and contemporaneousness, it can be highly regarded as a classic with a timeless elegance, obtained through the improvisation on innovations that's essentially Hamilton. Only a true savant will be able to honour fully this outstanding creation; for others, it will merely pose as a watch costing in five figures or more. Such is its refinement, polish and presentation; enough to cast some serious angel dust in the eyes of an average onlooker.

Enough praising! Let's see now what makes the Jazzmaster Auto Chrono an outstanding piece in the realms of true, affordable luxury.

The Hamilton Automatic Chronograph Mens Watch has sleek case with simple lines running throughout. It extends into the dial design, bringing a refinement that highlights its validity as a watch with an abstention of excesses. This will turn the traditional watch-lover into an instant fan of the Hamilton Jazzmaster Automatic Chronograph.

At 42mm, the Hamilton Khaki Chronograph H32616133 Jazzmaster Mens Watch is just perfect for them who love the traditional outlook but not the traditional sizes. It's all stainless steel, from the case to the bezel to the knurled crown and the solid pushers. The dial is a bold and black one, topped with a synthetic, shatter-proof sapphire crystal, which brings another durability factor into play. On the dial there are silver-toned hour markers with concentric silver-toned large hands to denote the minutes, hours and the stopwatch seconds. The top sub-dial counts the stopwatch-minutes while the bottom one counts the regular seconds. At 4'o clock, you'll find the date display while the stainless steel bracelet is a 5-link one with a stainless steel deployment clasp. If a firm, secure grip is your lookout, then this is it; even when you are in the pool or the beach, looking for some aquatic recreation.

The build-components of the Hamilton Jazzmaster Mens Watch are easily accessible ones, which are the tangible rating factors of a true horological excellence. This brings the H21 movement under discussion. It's a much improved and improvised version of the Valjoux 7750 that forms the base of the H21 and stores a full 60 hours of power reserve on a fully wound mainspring; is more accurate due to its higher-frequency balance wheel and a H-pattern bridge adds a more personalized touch into the whole ensemble.

The Hamilton American Classic H32616133 Jazzmaster Mens Watch brings a simple solution to an everlasting pesky problem concerning price and value and we must admit that Hamilton played it out well – in fact, much better than so many other Swiss watches using mass produced movements.