Hamilton American Classic Railroad Automatic Chronograph H40686335 Mens Watch


The largest member of Hamilton's RailRoad collection, the Swiss-American brand keeps up its tradition of not disappointing the mass with its Hamilton American Classic Railroad Automatic Chronograph Mens Watch.

A beautiful eye-catching design and the Hamilton American Watch scores high in that department! As for quality, it is no exception to the Hamilton excellence, allowing it to deliver quality and precision within an affordable price bracket.

A member of the American Classic Timeless Classics family, the Hamilton American Classic Railroad Automatic Chronograph Mens aesthetics are at par with what we always expect from the masterful. A harmonious blend between American spirit and Swiss precision, the Hamilton American Classic Chronograph Mens takes the brand back to its roots in the nineteenth century railroad concept, exhibiting and proving once more that its truly entitled to be called again 'The Watch of Railroad Accuracy'. The only difference this time is Hamilton introduced a number of technical innovations in the form of the mechanical chronograph movement Calibre A07.211 in the series ETA Valgranges. It's self-winding, comprises a ball-bearing based rotor that makes the Yoke winding system work by winding the mainspring one-way and stocks in 48 hours worth of power. It allows hacking the seconds, which allows for precise time calibrations. The chronograph mechanism runs on the cam-switching mechanism; it's protected by the Incabloc shock protection system, uses a Swiss lever escapement and an ETACHRON Regulator Syste to control the unwinding of the mainspring.

The Hamilton American Mens Watch brings an elegant look with an edge. The mechanism works flawlessly keeping excellent time. The face is not exactly pure black unless viewed at 90 degrees from top; it gives out shades between very dark grey to charcoal black depending upon the angle the light falls on it. The transient colour gives it a sharp look despite its large size.

The Automatic Chronograph H40686335 Men's Watch balances its bulk and weight like a ballerina would have done! It is not overly heavy despite its large size; just hefty enough to assure you of its seriousness. The solidity comes from the brand's watch-making mastery; all you can feel atop your wrist is a super-silent whirring of the rotating rotor inside with the movement of your hand.

But certainly, you'll need this watch at well to moderately lit places if you want to utilise the Chronograph H40686335 Men's Watch to its fullest. From the cockpit to the horseback and the motorsports track, you will not find a better piece of luxury to throw around and still keep smiling about it.