Hamilton American Classic Railroad Automatic Chronograph H40686335 Men39s Watch


The RailRoad Auto Chrono, with its rounded shape, vertical brushing and inclined pushers is a modern imagination of the pocket watch era. The black, white and slate grey play in the background, while the tachymeter gets a whole new approach!

The Hamilton American Classic Railroad Automatic Chronograph Men's Watch is one of the comparatively recent additions, yet sticks to its proud roots. The new Hamilton RailRoad auto chrono is a revisit to the nineteenth century the America; the time when Hamilton earned its title of The Watch of Railroad Accuracy.

That time, Hamilton kind of specialised in accurate and reliable pocket watches for railroad staff and passengers, across North America. Today's Hamilton designers transformed this classic style to fit the modern days. Its elegant look now has an edge.

The Hamilton American Classic Railroad Men's Watch retains its classic style while accommodating everything that a modern-day watch might want. An olden charm blended to an understated elegance and all happening due to some cutting edge technology.

Style and masculinity comes abound in the Automatic Chronograph H40686335 Men's Watch, but its way of representing is subtle. Yet, it's very striking the way different characteristics are pieced together to solve the minimalistic, mono-chromatic riddle. The right amount of bling captures attention without hitting hard.

The Hamilton Ventura Automatic Chronograph H40686335 Men's Watch is very well balanced in terms of bulk and weight. Not overly heavy, just enough to know you are wearing a serious piece! Solid and full of watch-making mastery, what you'll particularly like about it is the silent feel of the rotor's whirr atop your wrist.

This is not the watch you may use in the dark fields if you want to give the chrono an exercise. It will show the regular time, though. The illuminating tips at the ends of each hand ensure this. Just because it has a chronograph doesn't mean it can be used under extreme light conditions. Otherwise, it's fine if you are timing a lap (or laps) on horseback or even, in a Regatta!

The black face of the Hamilton Ventura Chrono Railroad Automatic Chronograph H40686335 Men's Watch is one of its significant, visual hallmarks. The stainless steel bezel covers the glass till the extent it doesn't break any substantial impression, yet holds it strong and secured, sealed from the damages of sporty water undertakings. Surfing and skin diving are alright; in fact, anything within a 300-feet depth mark. The extra 30 feet are for just in case.

The display is a heightened convenience borne out of a higher watch-craft standard as much as the Swiss Caliber A07.211 (ETA VALGRANGES) automatic movement. The antireflective sapphire dial window shall not yield even to more than hard knocks and crashes and other accidental nicks. And the push button buckle assures protection from losing it on the go.