Guess Dazzling Sport Chronograph U0016L4 Womens Watches


Upgrading one's style is not just about the clothes; unless you accessorize yourself properly, it will not be an appropriate upgrade. And when you want to add a touch of sophistication and elegance, choosing the right piece gets harder. This is when the Guess Dazzling comes to rescue! At a whopping 40mm across, it is neither too large, nor too small and its all stainless steel construction makes it strong and sturdy.

It means, you can wear the Guess Dazzling Watch anywhere you like. It carries plenty of oomph to fit into just any setting; from the corporate to ethnic to sporty. It is the kind that makes for an ideal accessory for any affair.

It is not very common to come across brown dials all that often, so that's another point which makes the Guess Dazzling Sport score above its competitors. Covered with a mineral crystal, it brings a stylish look and maximum clarity to the display. Its design is sleek and subtle and instils an unmistakable and incomparable sense of luxury into the watch. There are things that are better or lesser, but never exactly the same.

The Guess Dazzling Sport Watch is one of the few watches for ladies that come with functional elements. From every aspect it fits into the brand's higher-end family of watches while remaining affordable to all!

The Guess Dazzling is certainly trendy in its design and incorporates a lot of classic elements, resulting in a very youthful look and feel. It is very different from the 'extra' mindset but one that holds on to the basics of useful, functional horology with its stopwatch, speed-calculating (tachymeter) and am/pm indicating functions. The gunmetal finish all over (the case and the bracelet) is a refreshing variation from naked, shiny stainless steel and its dark brown face gels seamlessly with the rich, dark tone.

The Guess Dazzling Watch is weighty to the touch. This, of course, owes partly to the crystals on the bezel but mostly, it is the stainless steel and the movement inside that make for the lion's share. The weight is impressive; not binding.

For viewing in darkness, the Guess Dazzling Watch uses SuperLumiNova lume on the hands and hour markers, which – if not astoundingly bright and l-o-o-o-n-g lasting – is decent enough to last a few hours. Aesthetically, it is a concept that works very nicely irrespective of it being pitch dark or twilight.

However, it can be anticipated that it is more about the style and looks than the chronograph or other technologies that make the Guess Chronograph Watch a hot choice for fashionable ladies.