Guess Chronograph Multifunction Quartz W0149L5 Women39s Watch


Everything apart, the Guess Chronograph Multifunction Quartz W0149L5 Women's Watch is a reliable enough piece for regular urban and outdoor use. Its traditional mechanical chronograph styled watch face is appealing to those not willing to put a simple looking watch on their wrist.

The Guess Chronograph Multifunction Quartz Women's Watch is an intriguing one for not implementing the regular chronograph within a three sub-dial layout.

The multifunction watch results from the practical thinking by the brand to bring something that's useful to a modern, urban life and is the extraordinary answer to some very ordinary questions.

Being water resistant up to a little more than a hundred feet, the Guess Chronograph Multifunction Women's Watch is capable of withstanding daily exposure to running water and humidity, including short dips in the pool and regular household work. Its chunky design is not just for aesthetic purposes; it is actually a manifestation of its tough built. And despite its peppy looks, you won't have a hard time believing it to be a real watch with a Japanese Quartz movement; thanks to its mighty stylish, well-built demeanour.

The Guess Chronograph Multifunction Quartz Watch comes in a stainless steel case with a brushed rose gold finish and a purplish-blue serrated bezel; central seconds-hand and a hypoallergenic rubber strap, which sandwiches the gold part and forms a striking contrast with the white dial housing the gold borders and hands of the main and the sub dials. It's a nice range of colours, laid in an orderly manner.

Despite the chunky, rigid case, the Guess Chronograph Multifunction W0149L5 Women's Watch is comfortable on the wrist, with the kind of weight that just assures you of the watch's presence instead of weighing you down. With its mechanical-style dials indicating the date, day and hours in a 24-hour format, it is a fine balance between tradition and modernity, with some extra smarts thrown in, rather than as a full-fledged casual watch. If you're ready to upgrade your wrist to something different and better, there's no beating the Guess Chronograph Multifunction Quartz W0149L5 Women's Watch.

The watch looks good from every angle, not just from the top. It noticeably sticks out on your wrist without looking cumbersome. Credits go to the breezy combination of colours and it ensures that nobody can go wrong with this stunning timepiece, whatever your style might be. It will be a great addition to any watch collection and also a fine watch to get started with towards building a collection. Appropriate for women who are in their prime years, the Guess Gold Tone Quartz W0149L5 Women's Watch is a wonderful piece to go either with semi-formals or outdoor attires.