Guess Chronograph Black Stainless Steel Quartz Mens Watch


Design, material or technology, Guess now has them all! It's no wonder that the Guess Chronograph Men's Watch created some serious vibes in the fashion world but what strikes more is it also became successful drawing the attention of watch-lovers worldwide, especially those who are more inclined towards the bolder, masculine and adventurous sides of life. Why? For, it's a nice deviation from the usual chronographs available dime-a-dozen; it retains the look but offers something that's entirely different.

Big watches have always been a fascination with the majority. Whether a serious watch-person or not, the Guess Chronograph Men's Watch has been found to adorn the wrist of youngsters and the young at heart alike. But, it's pretty much surprising that Guess didn't ask for a premium price considering all that it offers; the Guess Chronograph Men's Watch is big on features and functions and quite unbelievably durable.

Regarding quality and finish, the Guess Chronograph Men's Watch offers an impression that – ideally speaking – can be found in watches at least a few more times expensive. Even the weight; it's the kind you find in watches with very high-end mechanical complications. This proves Guess made no compromises in material quality while creating this quartz multifunction watch; it's the heavy gauge goodies that went into this little piece of wonder.

Those who have a fascination for two-tone watches shall find the black and silver Guess Chronograph Men's Watch fully worthy of the money they'll be spending; it proves that affordability has no conflicts with being excellent. It is built to last through the ups and downs of an outdoor life and is specifically made to match any current fashion trend and beyond. That makes it quite a versatile piece, with an access from the board room to the billiard table to the tennis court.

A luxury item that's meant to be a hardworking beater, don't be mistaken that it's just for the times when you are dressing-up. It makes a faithful companion to stick around in your every walk of life. In this regard, we must also mention the heavy, mesh bracelet; this alone is sufficient to prove the kind of quality materials that went into the black and silver Guess Feminine Men's Watch.

If you are looking forward for some fresh breath among the recent fashion-Quartz domain, the Guess Gold Tone Men's Watch is going to bring you that. Despite resembling the three sub-dial chrono layout, it tells you the date and the day and also time in a 24 hour format. What else do you need in a normal urban life?