Guess Catalina Multifunction Silicon Strap Quartz Women39s Watch


Lifestyle-driven fashion is the hallmark of Guess. Their watches are around since 1983 and dominate a large chunk of the fashion world. The brand is keen-eyed upon how new ideas can culminate into cutting-edge designs. It keeps their watches relevant to today's trends.

What's there not to love about the Guess Catalina Chronograph Silicon Strap Quartz W0562L1 Women's Watch? Firstly, it's affordable; next, it's an excellent timekeeper and it will stay with you for more than five years.

The three-toned (gold, navy blue and white) Guess Catalina multifunction Women's Watch is a bright example of love at first sight! It fits perfectly to any average wrist size and below that and matches any sort of complexions. And with almost anything that you might wear! Yes, even to an extent with extremely formal attire.

“Quite versatile” – as most would say. Silver accessories or gold ornaments, it goes with all. It's a dress-up watch so to say. At the highest degrees of wearing comfort, you will feel at ease with the Catalina multifunction watch on, whether you are at the church or by the pool table.

At times when a three-dial layout obviously plays the word chronograph in your mind, the Guess Catalina multifunction Women's Watch brings the necessary deviation to the monotony. Certainly you will not need a racing instrument to deal with everyday rat race; the Guess Catalina Women's Watch brings you a full-fledged analog calendar instead with a 24-hour time indicator. It imparts fullness to the watch face while keeping things trendy with a slight, vintage touch.

The highly fashionable look of the Guess Catalina Women's Watch owes to the smooth and gorgeous gold PVD plating on a surgical grade steel body while the textured, white dial adds prominence to the blue markings and the small hands while the gold-toned hour and minute hands maintain parity with the attractive gold tone which occupies most of your line of vision all the time.

It helps you to get a fresh perspective on a classic design and approach dynamic styling without rushing towards it. The Guess Chronograph multifunction Silicon Strap Quartz W0562L1 Women's Watch brings you both a relaxed and a dynamic look, depending on what suits your mood for the time.

The Guess Catalina Women's Watch makes for a perfect choice also when you want to gift something classy without shelling out ridiculous amounts. It's the luxury that doesn't break your wallet but still will bring the million dollars smile on the face of the one receiving it. Impressive, expressive and classy to the core, the Guess Women's Watch is well deserved by the woman of class.