Go For Buying Only Certified Diamonds From Trusted Brands


History of this precious Gems and its Characteristic:

The demand for jewelry can never be ignored and people consider to buy certified diamonds as it is one of the most precious gems in this world. For the emperors of the ancient period, this precious stone was not only highly valuable but also was a lucky gemstone. On various occasions and rituals, wearing ornaments made out this stone is also a tradition in different societies.

There is a myth that to remove the evil effects we can wear ornaments made of this jewel. For several years, India is considered as the major source of this gem before it was found in Brazil in 1725.

The first mine in large-scale was discovered in South Africa in the year 1860 and the gem, which was found here is famous as Eureka Diamond. From the year 1871 to the year 1914, nearly 50000 miners dug the famous The Big Hole and from this mine nearly 2722 kgs of this stone got yielded. India is one of the major countries of the world which contributed nearly 92 percent of total production all over the world. If you want to know the basic details about this Precious Gem, you should know the basic characteristic of it. The main characteristics of jewel are its weight, which is measured as Carat, the Cut which determines the quality of the stone, colors of diamond and clarity. Hence, one should know well about the basic characteristics of this gem to buy certified diamonds.

Why buy the gems having authentic certification?

A certified gem gives the assurance that the jewel piece or the ring or any jewelry made of it, you are buying is perfectly the one which is described by the seller. It acts as the blueprint for the external and internal qualities of the stones used in the jewelry. It offers you the assurance that what you are buying is perfectly the one for which you are paying. 4 C's plays a king size role towards deciding the quality and purity of the gem.

Tips to Buy the Best Gem:

There are various occasions where we prefer to wear different types of ornaments and among these ornaments, rings, necklaces, earrings made of this precious stone are always in high demand. Especially, wedding ring made of this gem is considered to be extremely pious for the new couples and hence exchanging of engagement rings made of this jewel has become a ritual. Here we all should be aware regarding the features of it before we go for buying them.

The Color of Diamonds: In general, the stones which are considered as the best are always with No color. There may be some pieces available with colors like blue, yellow or pink, etc. but these are too expensive. The color of this gem is certified by authentic gem certification authority only. Here you may have heard of GIA and IGI. There are some grades like grades D to F which are for colorless diamonds, grades G to J are for those stones which are near to colorless, stones with faint yellow is considered to be within grades K to M, grades N to R is considered as very light yellow and grades S to Z are for light yellow stones.

Clarity of the Jewel Stone: After colors, clarity of the stone is considered to be one of the important criteria. This defines the internal as well as the external visual features of every piece. The clarity of a stone is always graded under 10X magnification. Here the grades are considered as FL or flawless, IF or internally flawless, VVS1 or VVS2, VS1 or VS2, S11 or S12 etc.

The Cuts of the Jewel: Cut off a stone gives the jewel actual flare and the value. Cuts within a diamond may be ideal or too deep or too shallow. According to the cuts of a stone, you can understand the entrance of lights and reflection of it. The certification given on the cuts are mainly known as an ideal, excellent and very good.

Carat of Diamonds: Carat is the way to measure the weight of this precious stone. It is important to know that 20 grams make one carat. Carat determines the weight of the stone and accordingly we can calculate the price of it

Having required knowledge before buying this precious jewel necklace or ring is important. The best stones should be authorized with GIA certificate or other popular gem certifications so that you can buy certified diamonds. Visit goldenet to find various designs of rings, a necklace of this precious stone etc. You will surely get the best jewel here with proper cuts, clarity and carat certified by an authorized organization.