Getting Rid Of Tarnish On Artificial Jewelry


Artificial jewelry is not the real thing but it sure is making rounds all over the world. It has become very famous and fashionable today and so many people are opting to buy it today. It helps to allow one to still enjoy good pieces of jewelry even when they are on a tight budget. The fact that they are not the real thing does not however mean that they never get tarnished. With time these pieces also do gather dust and tarnish. The good news is that once this happens you do not have to throw away your precious jewelry pieces. You simply need to clean them out.

Get an aluminum plate; in the event that you do not have one, you can use a normal plate but cover it with aluminum foil first. Ensure that the foil completely covers the plate's surface. It would be good for you to loosely wrap the foil around the plate to ensure that it does not tear. Wrapping the foil too tight might also result in the foil collapsing or breaking when you place the jewelry pieces on it, thus wrap it loosely.

Put one tablespoon of baking soda and another one of salt on the plate.

Heat between one and two cups of water; do not heat the water until it boils, simply heat it. You can remove it once it begins to produce steam. Pour the water, while it is still hot, onto the salt and baking soda that you placed on the plate.

Use a spoon to gently stir the mixture and ensure that all the baking soda and salt are completely dissolved in the water. Do not stop stirring until you notice that all clumps of powder are fully dissolved. Let the mixture rest for about one minute to give it time to liquefy.

Take your jewelry pieces and carefully put them into the solution. Let the jewelry soak in the mixture for some time until you notice that at least half of all the tarnish on the pieces has been removed. This might take any amount of time from a few seconds to a few minutes. To get good results you need to be patient.

Remove the pieces from the solution and use a clean rag to get rid of all the remaining tarnish on the pieces. Once you have removed all the tarnish, you can polish your jewelry pieces.

Maintaining the look and feel of artificial jewelry can prove to be a hard task. It should however not be so stressful. You can simply avoid all this stress by ensuring that you buy quality jewelry; quality jewelry that can be easily maintained through such easy processes as the one outlined above, quality jewelry made of durable material. If you are looking for the perfect place to , try and buy artificial jewelry online. There are so many stores available online from all the four corners of the world that offer high quality artificial jewelry at very affordable prices.