Get The Best Deals On Thomas Curtis Jewelry


Thomas Curtis was among the top Navajo silversmiths of his time and his masterpieces are testaments to his one of a kind talent and skill. Although he passed away in July 2013, his legacy lives on in his work. Some of his most remarkable creations are sterling bracelets, rings, and bolo ties, all of which can be purchased from specialty stores that are known for representing Native American artists. You can get the best deals on Thomas Curtis jewelry online from stores that are known for selling handmade turquoise and Native American jewelry with more than four decades of experience in the business.

Before you buy a piece of Thomas Curtis jewelry online, be sure it comes with its certificate of authenticity. This way, you are assured of his name and tribal affiliation, as well as the materials used in the piece and its retail value. Thomas Curtis bolo ties, rings, and bracelets are unique collectibles. Many of these pieces make excellent heirloom items, too. Collectors of Native American jewelry will appreciate the timeless sophistication and artistic designs of Thomas Curtis' pieces.

The best deals on Thomas Curtis' heavy gauge sterling silver pieces are online. Reputable stores carry authentic jewelry in limited pieces. After all, his silver bracelets and rings are prized as highly collectible items and are considered rare. Some of the pieces were his last creations before he passed away. Owning at least one of his intricately stamped rings or one of his finest heavy gauge stamp work bracelets or bolos will add elegance and style to your collection.

His heavy gauge sterling silver bracelet features symmetrical details of deep and delicate stamp work that is unique to his style. The piece feels perfect on the wrist, and its intricate detail and styling makes it eye-catching in your jewelry box. Online retailers of authentic Native American jewelry online can slightly adjust the bracelet to fit you.

Thomas Curtis' sterling silver bolo tie is one of the highly collectible items that he made some years ago. It epitomizes his precise and clean design, which is part of his signature style in crafting and designing his pieces. The bolo tie's round face features deep stamping in concho pattern. The perfectly proportioned edges are incised to further emphasize the center detail. The bolo rests on a thick hand-made black leather cord that has a flat neck strap, and the tips were designed to be elegant and sleek.