Get A Striking Appearance By Donning Exquisite Amber Stones


Human beings have been fascinated by jewelry since the ancient period. In the olden days, both men and women were seen to wear jewelry regularly to show their status. Now they are worn to make them look attractive. The usage of jewelry among women has been found to be more in use. There are different types of jewelry that are in use. Though the gold, silver, and platinum variants are the most used, amber jewelry is also highly popular among people to make a mark in a crowd. It is a naturally occurring gemstone that has a different kind of appeal.

Moments of history frozen

Ambers present a capsulated form of history. The sap of the trees that have trickled down and during the process has captured some element such as an insect, feather or any other object in its trail. This sap solidifies with time and becomes rock hard. These are the Amber stones that are widely used in jewelry. Each amber stone is unique and has a different kind of appeal. As these materials present an element of mystery, there are large demands of amber all over the world as a precious material for the preparation of jewelry. These are expensive items also.

Numerous varieties are found

There are large numbers of variations of ambers. There are 7 different colors of amber that are generally found to be formed in the natural process. The colors of yellow or brown are seen to be most commonly available. The rarest color that is found in ambers is blue. If you wear jewelry made of amber, you can elevate your looks immensely. The biggest advantage in the making of amber jewelry is that it can be cut into any shape desired. They are softer than other gemstones, and the cutting process is comparatively easier. Necessary polishing can also be done after cutting.

Recognize the original variety

There is fake amber jewelry that is being sold by some sellers. You need to possess sufficient knowledge about Amber stones for distinguishing the real from the fake. A piece of amber which looks too perfect may not be the real one. If you rub the amber surface, it comes charged with static electricity and can attract other small items. A fake amber stone will not have this property. Do not get duped the seller and buy fake amber. No two pieces of amber will be the same in this world and will have a certain degree of imperfection.

Found only in specific regions

Original amber is available only in specific regions of the world. The ambers found in Dominican Republic, and other regions of the Baltic are the major areas from where amber is sourced. It is also found in Russia and Poland. A full-fledged industry is functioning on amber. After the sourcing is done, it is cut and polished before sending to the users. There are certain dealers that are collecting and processing these precious stones. They are found to be the most reliable for purchases.