Frederique Constant Welcomes A New Era With Horological Smartwatch Watches


The watches from Frederique Constant generally express the classic look of the Swiss watchmaking through their regal designs. Each collection brings out a level of sophistication that is detailed through the soothing architecture and the advanced technologies. Its Horological smartwatch gives your wrist an aesthetic touch along with the feel of smart technologies. These classic yet bold timepieces have come up with a touch of an art that makes every watch lovers adore their celestial beauty. Maintaining a minimalistic design, they define the fashion of watchmaking in a different way that is hard to express through the words. Though the timepieces of the collection follow a line of designing, they are unique in themselves in terms of the appeal.

These Horological Smartwatches creates a link between traditional watchmaking and the modern technological craze. Apart from the usual look of the smartwatches, these watches present a completely different style for offering smart functions to you. With an array of functions, you can maintain a track of your professional and personal lives in a systematic way. They are more than just their movements and appeal. Without compromising their traditional aesthetic touch, these watches give the modern technology their touch of the classic essence. The content unfolds the offering of the Horological Smartwatches that is definitely going to change your journey of the life.

Activity Tracker & Active Alerts – Track your Activity Smartly:

Like other smartwatches, this Horological collection of the brand also tracks your daily activity, starting from steps, calories your burn to the distance you cover. You can easily set an alert from your watch that gives you a reminder about some of your important tasks.

Dynamic Couch & Sleep Monitoring:

There are lots of smartwatches that give you advanced functions, but this Horological smartwatch is different from the others. It performs every smart function by giving your wrist a twist of fashion. Now this timepiece can be your Dynamic Couch that tells you about your activity. Getting tips and information about your health are easier with these timepieces. Have you ever imagined that a technology can monitor your sleep pattern? This timepiece makes everything possible. By wearing your watch at night or putting it under the pillow, you can even identify the patterns of your sleep. The sleep tracker measures the duration of your deep sleep, light sleep, and the time of the awake.

Smart Alarm & World time:

This timepiece has come up with the smart alarm function – an alarm that wakes you up at a right time within your sleep cycle. This alarm gives you a refreshing feeling since you have a proper slip at night. Worldtimer is another function that lets you travel wherever you want in the world without being worried about setting the time according to the time zones you travel. Since the watch is connected with your phone, it displays the time after taking a cue from your smartphones.


Horological Smartwatch is a kind of watch that has an analogue display with offering smart functions. While the core smartwatches display notifications on the watch face itself, the hybrid smart watches alert you on receiving calls and texts by the movements of the hands. This watch notifies you with a discrete vibration and hands movement when your phone receives a new call, emails and texts.

The Smart Timepiece that Touches a Note of a Traditional Essence:

Along with the smart functions, the classic look of the collection is a talking point among the watch lovers. The 42mm dials contain an array of functions without compromising the aesthetic beauty of the brand. The sub-dial at 6 o'clock position performs everything in a smart way, starting from tracking your activity to monitoring your sleep. The technology with time gets a new high to display its advanced functions. This watch is an example of the changing concept of the watchmaking technology. Those who love traditional pieces without compromising the advanced mechanics, they can wear this watch for their bold personality. Above all, the Horological Smartwatches of the brand come in different style and amazing look to portray the fashion of the age.

Horological Smartwatches are designed to reflect the brand's supremacy in presenting the Swiss luxury mixed with the modern technologies. A bit different from the usual smartwatches, they display the analogue watch face along with offering the smart technologies.