Fossil Timepieces The Interpretation Of Fashion


Fossil timepieces are wonders in themselves. Loaded with features and functions, they come within your budget. What makes the brand even more attractive for watch lovers is its unique craftsmanship. The brand has timepieces for every occasion, starting from formal to party events.

Both men and women can flaunt their style with magnificent timepieces of the brand. Nothing can depict the fashion of the age as smartly as Fossil does. From bold looking watches to elegant timepieces, it has gained mastery in every field. With every passing day, the brand has improved itself to match the swift journey of the time.

The latest innovation of the brand raises the eyebrows of watch enthusiasts across the world. The brand has given a tough completion to the other brands with its smart watches. It has shown interest in the Android world technology and uses its creativity to introduce advanced timepieces on the Android platform. The Q wearable collection definitely bridges the gap between the modern technologies and traditional architectures.

The content tells about the innovative journey of the brand by depicting some extraordinary timepieces.

Q Marshal:

Fossil has raised the boundaries of creativity with this new Q Marshal collection. Mingling technology and architecture in equal measure, the collection houses trendy timepieces. These watches have a digital display and the technology of the timepieces allow you to connect them to your phones.

The touch screen functionality brings a lot of things on your finger tip, starting from tracking your daily activity to having alerts on important notifications. These timepieces even eliminate the need for battery because magnetic wireless charger keeps your timepiece full charge for 24 hours.

Decker Chronograph – Boldness in its Ultimate Fashion:

The Decker Collection always has a strong position among watch lovers. There are so many timepieces that glorify men and women's fashion and the timepiece CH2601 is one of them. It articulates the modern demand of men's trend with a 44mm black dial. The timepiece has a dramatic touch with white hands and indexes that display the contrasting architecture on the black surface.

The dial is designed with the chronograph function, but it still manages to offer a clean look to the wearers. The tachymeter inscribed bezel makes this timepiece a multipurpose watch. The black is not just a colour, but an expression of art. The brand uses the colour in a way that everyone can feel the artistic value of the black.

Georgia – A glittering Touch to your party fashion:

This collection is mainly designed for women, especially for those who love being in the spotlight. Among the magnificent timepieces, ES3226 has been very popular due to having a sparkling touch. The 32mm rose gold dial never makes you disappointed with its fine cuts of detailing.

You can see the superiority of craftsmanship with white enamelled hands and indexes. The timepiece is beautified with a stone studded bezel and a stainless strap. Wearers can feel the essence of uniqueness through the amazing craftsmanship.

Grant – The Smartness Gets a New Definition:

The Grant collection of the brand is the best-selling one because it conveys a casual look to the wearers. The FS4735 brings out the care-free spirit of the men's world. The 44mm white dial speaks the story of smartness with black indexes and transparent hands.

The design even gets further with a silver bezel and a brown leather strap. Through this collection, Fossil offers a layering architecture that adds a depth to the design.

Jacqueline – Simplicity Has Its Own Charm:

The architecture of the collection compels you to float with its rhythmical appearance. The 35mm rose gold dial is offering a clean look that is further enhanced with black indexes. The design of the timepiece is reminiscent of the classic collection.

Fossil offers timepieces that give expression to each emotion of fashion. From casual to professional, the brand brings an array of collections for watch lovers. Exploring these timepieces is more a fun game than just a buying.