Fossil Q Wearable Fashion Meets Smart Functions


Fossil comes up with an array of smart watches that have enough features to satisfy the demand of the generation. It welcomes the android technology into the timekeeping world and introduces Q series in a new way. With advanced features and new designs, these timepieces are taking accolades from the watch connoisseurs across the world.

The brand not only brings change in the age-old watch-making process, but also offers a variety even in the smart watches. For those who love the classic design but have a fascination in technologies, it has engineered Fossil Q Grant. The collection is categorised under Q non-display smart watches that act like a smart watch, but look like a traditional timepiece.

Fossil Q Founder:

Q Founder series unveiled smart technologies in a very modern way. Through the touch-screen functionality, these timepieces let you enjoy extraordinary features. What is innovative is its design that is detailed with a 47mm stainless steel case. With an activity tracker and modern features, these timepieces bring a lot of advanced features to you.

The functions that steal everyone's heart away are receiving display notifications, customising watch faces, navigating an array of applications and tracking daily activities. These timepieces have Intel Innovation processor that is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Fossil Q Wander and Q Marshal:

After getting success from its Founder series, it has decided to extend its Q line with the two new collections – Q wander and Q Marshal. The new timepieces are slimmer in size and handsome in appeal. It has used 44mm and 46mm case sizes that display digital functions.

Q Wander has a soft-curving case that beautifully rests the digital technologies. With the interchangeable leather strap function, they offer a diversified look every time you wear on.

Q Marshal has been designed with a rugged case. It gets updates in design with vintage-inspired leather straps. Advanced technologies make these collections attractive for watch-lovers.

Both collections offer nearly similar functions to the wearers. The fitness tracker feature takes everything in record, starting from daily steps to calories you burn. The digital notifications showcase call and message alerts on your phone screen. Added to these functions, these watches are designed with the built-in microphone and speaker that help you control a lot of functions just by your voice command. These timepieces do not even require battery since the magnetic wireless charger keeps them always active.

Q non-display smart watches:

Fossil has timepieces for everyone. For this reason, it has also decided to offer timepieces that retain the classic look while offering the smart functions.Those who love traditional designs but are keen to having smart technologies, these non-display timepieces are ultimate for them.Unlike the smart touch screen watches, they offer the advanced application but in a different way.

With Q Grant and Q 54 Pilot collections, Fossil is all set to break the quintessential trend of smart watches. You can manage smart applications even on the analogue display. These timepieces alert you on calls and other notification just by a turn of their hands.They are the admixture of traditional designs and smart features.

Fossil Q series is a revolutionised introduction that catches everyone's attention. A strong research in the field of android functions makes the brand able to bring variety in the functions.