Fossil Q Marshal Redefined Smartness


Fossil is always known for introducing timepieces that are affordable and stylish. It never says no to the innovation that makes the brand adoptive with the change of the time. Breaking the quintessential rule of the timekeeping, the brand welcomes the android wearable in the timekeeping world. It is true that the android wear watch is not new for the generation.

But Fossil promises to bring innovation to the smart watches. The brand stepped into the smart technology with Q Founder series and it has learnt a lot about how to make timepieces user-friendly for wearers. This time, it has come with the second generation of smart watches by unveiling the latest collection – Q Marshal.

The new series has many changes from its predecessor. With the advanced technologies and the newest equipment, the series is designed to capture the attention of the generation. The brand never compromises fashion for bringing the technology. It mingles an eloquent architecture and the new-age technology together. The content gives further details about the Q Marshal.

Q Marshal for the Generation of Today:

With this new series, the brand designs smart watches for women. Earlier, smart watches introduced by other manufacturers are solely appreciating the fashion of men. It is thought that only the handsome design presents the smart technology in its truest form. But proving them wrong, Fossil offers Q Marshal both for men and women with equal passion. The smaller 45mm dial has a clean and sleek appeal that perfectly adorns the beauty of women.

Smart Feature Designed for the Smarter You:

The countless features make the time ticking fun and frivolous. Fossil offers an array of advanced functions that make the timepieces even more attractive. The brand offers you a smart way with which you can do your daily activities.

You can make the smart watch an all-occasion timepiece just by changing the faces of your watch. While these timepieces are promoting urban smartness, they are also showcasing a link to the tradition by their classic architecture. Added to this, the customise option allows you to customise the watch faces to straps.

The in-built fitness app of your watch tracks all your activity and keeps you updated about health. The technology, brought to you by fossil, has a support of Intel Innovation and it works on both Android and iOS operating platforms. With these timepieces, you can enjoy both traditional and tech watches. This watch also allows you to control the music on your phone just by a touch. You can play and pause music anytime you want.

Fossil Q Marshal redefines the smartness in a new and magnificent way. These smart watches have a unique appeal because they are designed for today's generation.