Fossil Modern Machine Chronograph Brown Dial Brown Leather FS5095 Mens Watch


Machines and gauges; speed and technology – well, that kind of sums up what men want. The Fossil Modern Machine Chronograph Brown Leather Mens Watch embodies all that and something more. It's a rich, aged look in deep brown shade. Whether it's the dial or the leather strap, the combination brings a perfect contrast that blends easily with the black and rugged stainless steel case. Together, they bring masculinity in a design that's fit for just any kind of casual event.

The Fossil Modern Machine Mens Watch inspires for a high-performance, thanks to its industrial looks. It's rugged in appearance and pleasantly oversized in its dimensions, the Fossil Brown Leather Watch delivers a feel to be admired through the years. This is opposite to the concept of creating an oversized accessory to compensate inadequacies; rather, it brings the appropriate size that matches the wearer's capability and refinement. It is all about rolling up the sleeves casually when it's time to get into serious outdoor work without feeling any hesitation about it.

On the other hand, a chronograph is a man's watch. Unless there is at least one chronograph in your collection, it is incomplete. So the chronograph better be a rugged one, built to take up challenges under the most demanding and adverse of situations. Enter the Brown FS5095 Mens Watch and you have set the recipe for an outstanding field experience. It balances the aesthetics with its technical prowess and its utility factor; it is quintessentially masculine that evokes a quiet avidity for leaping into action whenever required. It doesn't matter if you are timing auto races, sprints or medium-rare steaks, the Fossil Modern Machine Chronograph Watch is there to fill in your every time-related need!

The Fossil Stella Multifunction Chronograph Brown Dial Watch is perhaps the most perfect expression of technological beauty. Its symmetry of the sub-dials and perfect hand-alignments to the markings speak of an impeccable quality while the pushers, provide tactile advantages when being fast is the key to solving a time-related problem. Free from the hassles of winding and resetting, it is the miracle of micro-engineering that speaks through the Machine Chronograph Brown Leather FS5095 Watch.

The Fossil Modern Machine Chronograph Mens Watch is a daring yet simple watch that effortlessly makes unforgettable impressions about its precise mechanics, classic craftsmanship and an effortless wearability. If a watch can be made to age gracefully, this Fossil Modern Machine Chronograph is the one! After all, it harkens back to the days of the industrial innovations that blended masculine cool with utilitarian details.