Fossil Dean Chronograph Twotone Stainless Steel Fs4795 Men39s Watch


There's no need to buy different watches, the Fossil Dean Chronograph Two-Tone Stainless Steel FS4795 Men's Watch fits into different situations seamlessly. Crafted with classic tones, this chronograph watch pulls together a style that tiptoes the fine line between seriousness and being carefree.

The Fossil Dean Chronograph Two-Tone Stainless Steel Men's Watch is a festival of clean lines over a classic shape. Inspired by '50s modernism, it's both subtle and visually striking because of its shiny steel and gold-toned surfaces and accents. It is versatile in its use and suits any time of the day; any event or occasion, from work to dinner. Its oversized crowns and pushers together with an easily readable dial create an imposing look, which is essential for the modern man.

Whoever is in the habit of playing, toying or throwing around their respective wrist-wears shall find the Fossil Dean Chronograph Two-Tone Stainless FS4795 Men's Watch an absolute boon. The additional function of a stopwatch gives you plenty of opportunities for the first two options to be fulfilled while a truly rugged build ensures the third. However, despite the presence of functional grips, the bezel is a fixed one, which is for maintaining its classic look.

The Fossil Dean Chronograph Two-Tone Stainless Steel FS4795 Watch is a decent, everyday watch that looks mechanical but with the reliability of quartz. It's a step above from ordinary quartz watches and gives you something more with its chronograph function. The Fossil Townsman Chronograph Two-Tone Stainless steel FS4795 Men's Watch certainly doesn't put the horological world afire, but it positions itself as a sort of stepping stone from fashion-oriented quartz pieces to more serious ones.

The stopwatch functionality records time for 30 minutes but not with the central-seconds hand. The sub-dial at 6'o clock does that instead while the central-seconds hand counts the usual seconds. The sub-dial at 12'o clock shows time in 24-hours format. The round date window with black lettering on a white background is highly legible while a high night time visibility is ensured with the lumed hands. While it doesn't light up like a torch, it will certainly light up (pun intended) your face. The mineral crystal is also to thank for enhancing the visibility of the entire watch face.

The Fossil Pilot 54 Chronograph Two-Tone Stainless Steel FS4795 Men's Watch sports a 22mm, two-tone steel bracelet that's extremely durable and with proper care (wiping after every wear), shall last for a lifetime without catching any rust or tarnishing. The watch has a depth rating of 50 meters and can be taken safely down to depths of 100 feet or a little more. It is enough for a daily city life; household sinks, laundry, pools or recreational water sports but not meant for scuba diving or anything deeper.