Fossil Dean Chronograph Quartz Dark Brown Leather Strap Mens Watch


The Fossil Dean Chronograph Quartz Mens Watch is a watch made to fit your life 360o. Unless you work entirely in business suits, the Dean is the best match for your outfits. This classic chronograph is a sleek accessory that pulls together a style that lets you stay out of a restraining behaviour.

In simple words, the Fossil Dean Chronograph Mens Watch is comfortable as well as convenient and classy, carrying the touches of the Texas-based watchmakers from past. The restrained and subdued design proves it while its 45mm case standing at 11mm is suitable for a large array of wrist sizes between moderately slim to the real thick ones.

A grey dial and silver indices combine to create the Fossil Dean Chronograph Mens Watch, making it versatile enough to fit just any time of the day; any outfit that you may wear except for strictly formal attires. The Fossil Dean stands out with an intricate design, to which, the main dial with dual textures contributes generously. It's partly smooth (almost a fourth of the total dial) and partly grainy; this creates a striking effect gets an onlooker look at it twice.

Fitted with a supple, brown genuine leather strap, it wraps around very comfortably around one's wrist. The three sub-dials denote the minutes and seconds measured by the stopwatch and time in 24-hour format. Its 50m of water resistance makes it safe around normal household use as well as for light, recreational water sports like snorkelling. Not suitable for scuba diving, though.

The Fossil Grant Automatic Mens Watch draws inspirations from last century's modernism; its clean lines and a classic shape bringing forth a subtle effect that's also visually striking. It stands out well in brushed stainless steel while the rich brown leather strap creates a contrast that's soothing to the eyes. All these make the Fossil Dean Chronograph Mens Watch a timepiece to be worn through the day to night.

The crowns and pushers of the Fossil Dean Chronograph Men's Watch makes it fit easily under the oversized category; it enhances the grip and operability, making it suitable for field use.

For accurate timekeeping, the Fossil Jacqueline Mini Mens Watch uses Miyota Japanese quartz movement, which offers more than just functionality. It is resistant to sudden shocks and impacts up to a great deal and also low in power consumption.

All these qualities come together in the Fossil's philosophy of construction and gave form to an elegant product with a unique, nostalgic feel.