Follow This Important Checklist Before Purchasing Shining Diamond Jewelry


Gifts have always been an easiest way to express heartfelt feelings from the old days. When we gift something to our loved ones, it becomes quite difficult to choose. Our mind faces a dilemma whether it is the appropriate gift or not. We try to search for the uniqueness and timeless piece.

Jewelry, especially the diamond ones, has a great impact on women of all ages. If you list out the weakness of a woman, jewelry will always occupy the first place in the list. So, gifting a diamond jewelry is always the best option. The craftsmen are crafting it in the form of beautiful jewelry like pendants, earrings and even watches.

Pendant is one of the best gifts for your lady. She can carry it with any outfit. There are various online as well as offline stores to get Diamond Pendants in Dubai. Before buying the diamond jewelry, consider these points:-

  1. Number of diamonds- Before buying a pendant, make out your mind whether you need a pendant with a large diamond piece or small number of multiple diamonds.
  2. Certificates- Certificates provided by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) are industrial standard that ensures diamond's quality. These institutions on their behalf check out the diamond and provide the full description report about the color, weight, measurements and style used in it. Along with that, HRDAntwrep and international gemological Institute certificates provide grading of diamond.
  3. 4 C's- These 4 C's are basically the four qualities which are cut, clarity, color and carat.

3.1- Cut:- Cut is the remark of brilliance. A properly cut diamond will allow the maximum amount of light to be dispersed after reflections.

3.2-Clarity:- Clarity is provided in the certificates. It ranges from flawless to imperfect. This quality indicates the amount of imperfection present in it. Higher clarity one (flawless) are the rarest one.

3.3- Color:- Diamond also comes in different colors like yellow, pink, brown, red, etc. GIA has ranking scale starting from D (colorless)and end to Z(light). A colorless diamond is more costly than a colored one. Pure diamond rarely exists in the world and so the impurity present in the diamond impart color to it.

3.4- Carat:-Carat indicates the weight of diamond and price is directly proportional to the amount of the carat present in it.

4) Shapes- The shapes of diamond vary from brilliant to Asscher. Every shape has a unique feature. The most popular ones are the round ones and teardrop. If you are searching it for engagement, then prefer the princess cut.

5) Budget- First decide out your budget and do comparison of the budget after choosing pendant in different stores.

On the other hand, if you desire to gift your loved ones a beautiful art of adornment, choose Diamond Earrings in Dubai. Most popular earring styles are stud which is classic in nature. Either it is your wedding or an engagement, office party or festival, anywhere and everywhere, best for all the purpose irrespective of time. These key points will really help you while buying a diamond earring-

1) Setting- It plays an important role in safety. Setting goes parallel with style and design.

1.1:-Prone setting (open ended setting) offers maximum brilliance.

1.2:-Pave setting is utilized for group of small diamonds embedded together.

1.3:-Martini setting uses less metals covering and gives out more brilliance.

2) Size- A heavy weighted earring can damage your earlobes. If you are an adult woman, choose 1.5 carats total weight size. As earlobe of a child is delicate, so perfect size range will be 0.01- 0.05. For teenager, 0.1-0.25 carat is the most appropriate.

3) Shapes- Popular shapes are the stars, hoops, teardrops, hearts, stars, dangling chandeliers.

Apart from pendant and earring, gifting a watch to your career-oriented woman could not be overtaken by any other gift of the world. Diamond watches worn by both man and woman, signify the class, status and style. It is the best way to adorn yourself. Popular style is having various small diamonds embedded in a dial either partially or fully covered. There are a variety of cases available like rectangle, circle, oval, square, tank, asymmetrical, Tonneau, etc. You can also find variations in the numbers putted in the dial which may be written in any of these styles like Arabic, Roman and stick, California, Arabic and stick, stick, roman. Choose from the trusted brands like Rolex, Patek Philipe, Cartier, Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin, etc. Precautions to be taken before buying watches in dubai –

  1. Bracelet- Check out the bracelet's link before buying them. If the bracelet is poorly matched with the dial, then skip out. Fake watches have kinked bracelet.
  2. Number- If the number appearing on the dial is shifted from their actual position, it is an indication of a fake watch.
  3. Certificates- Genuine watches have a hologram sticker, which changes its impression when you turn it in different angles. A unique reference number is another signature of real watches. Guarantee as well as warranty certificates are musts.
  4. Dealer- Whenever buying watches, always prefer an authorized dealer.