Flash Your Style With Bead Bracelets


Bead bracelets are made of colorful beads that are threaded together using strings or chains. Beads are the most common materials used for making designer jewelry because they are easy to make and they also look attractive. If you are someone who loves casual street fashion, then wearing a bead bracelet is the best option. It is cheap, trendy and simply attractive. Although bead bracelets are more in demand among teenagers and youngsters, you can easily find a wide range of designs that suit men and women of all ages.

Women's bead bracelets

Bead bracelet for women consists of multiple categories and styles. Some women like gentle designs and thin bracelets while others have a fancy for heavier designs. Bracelets with polished round wooden beads made of soft wood are a popular common variety. They come in various colors depending on the type of wood and polish used. These naturally-colored wooden bead bracelets are quite attractive and they suit every woman, irrespective of their complexion or age. Simple wood-colored bead bracelet for women can also be worn by men and most of these bracelets fall under the unisex category. Then we have the charm bead bracelets which are quite popular among youngsters. These are made of glass or plastic beads that are attached to a chain or bangle-type bracelet. Multiple sizes and varieties of beads are used in combination with metal trinkets to make a beautiful charm bracelet.

Men's bead bracelets

There was a time when limited patterns were available in men's bracelets. But today there is no dearth of designs in men's jewelry and you get to choose from more varieties than you can imagine. Nowadays, bead bracelet for men can be found in every ornament shop in your town. They are cheap, stylish and have a growing demand among men of all ages. Teenage boys often wear a set of bead bracelets that emanate their carefree attitude and casual personality. Beads that are carved into dangerous figurines like skulls or snakes are also used for making men's bracelets. Such accessories, when worn, speak a lot about the rebellious nature of the user. Dark-colored or black bead bracelets are quite popular among youngsters as well as middle-aged men. Along with beads, these bracelets make use of small trinkets like coins or Chinese charms that make things all the more interesting.

Unisex bead bracelets

A wide range of bead bracelet for men is also worn by women who like to flash their tomboy style. However, there are quite a few varieties that are well-suited for both men and women. For instance, a simple bracelet made of sandalwood beads is perfect for both men and women. These beads may have small metal encasings on either end which give them a rich look. Bracelets made of black beads can also be used as a unisex bracelet.