Five Watches To Have In Your Collection


In today's world of smartphones with in-built clocks, a wristwatch seems pointless. But wristwatches serve as more than just timekeeping objects; they have many more features and uses to them. More importantly, a watch will always be the perfect accessory to any man's outfit. It remains to be the only accessory a man can truly wear everyday. A watch showcases the owner's personality, his style and his taste. With the vast selection of watches for men online, it can be hard and confusing to pick the right watch for the right occasion or outfit. Here is a list of five watches you should have in your collection, for different occasions:

This Kenneth Cole watch with black leather straps and a silver dial is the perfect piece to add to your collection. It has an understated and simplistic design making it an ideal choice for formal occasions. The black leather strap paired with a subtly designed dial makes it look traditional and classic. You can wear this versatile timepiece for a wedding or to a formal event. To know more about this watch.

For formal occasions, it is always best to match the colour of your watch with your other accessories. Hence, this Victorinox watch with brown straps and a matching dial will be perfect to go with all of your brown accessories such as your belt and shoes. It is elegant and simplisticin its design. Unlike the previous one, this timepiece is perfect for both formal occasions and even a regular day at work. To know more about this watch.

Here is a watch from Esprit that features a steel strap and a brown chronographic dial. Its multi-functionality is especially useful and it will be another great addition to your collection. Stainless steel watches work well as everyday timepieces and go with pretty much everything you own; they'll look especially sharp with suits!

A sports watch is another must have. This black Ferrari watch with red detailing looks rugged yet trendy. Rubber strapped watches are great for when you are working out or playing a sport as they are sweat-proof and lightweight. You can even choose a sports watch depending on your requirements, i.e. a waterproof one or one that measures your speed, etc. This Ferrari timepiece is a great example of a classic sports watch.