Five Watches To Gift On World Gratitude Day


World gratitude day is a day meant wholly for those individuals who make our lives better. It is dedicated for the sole purpose of taking a moment to thank these people, which we may often forget to do. They help us get through the tough times by sharing with us their valuable advice and time. It may be our parents, a friend or a colleague, and it is important to acknowledge these individuals and show them how thankful we are. What better way to show our appreciation than by gifting them a timepiece? A wristwatch will stay with them for a long time and will be a constant reminder of our gratitude. With the vast selection of watches for women and men available online, here is a list of five wristwatches curated to make it easier for you.

This Fcuk watch embodies class and sophistication. The silver metal straps with the contrasting brown dial makes this timepiece rather unique. The simplicity and versatility of this watch is what makes it so endearing and practical. Gift this to someone who will truly appreciate its beauty and its multi faceted functionality.

This wristwatch from Swiss Eagle features a black strap and dial, with splashes of gold all over. Another very elegant watch that doesn't try hard to be noticed but, manages to do so anyway. The highlight of the watch is its simple dial that keeps things uncluttered and easy to understand. This is the perfect watch to pick when you are unsure of what to buy.

That is one good-looking wristwatch!” will be a statement often heard by the wearer of this gorgeous Swarovski timepiece. The blue straps and dial against the silver detailing makes this watch stand apart from the rest. The embellishments surrounding the dial add to the overall character of the watch. Stylish and elegant, this will be the perfect watch for someone with a matching personality!

Police is one among the best watch brands out there. This gold Police watch will make for the perfect present. The purple dial and the embellishments in and around it add a touch of class to this watch. It is the perfect combination of subtlety and glamour. This watch is ideal for special occasions and important events. Gift this watch to someone who will truly appreciate its grandeur.

This Fitbit is the perfect gift for someone who is into fitness and health. This device is equipped with a whole variety of functions. Not only does it track your physical activities, but also connects to your smart devices. It is also designed for all day wear. The perfect gift for a health fanatic!