Five Things About Earrings


“Treasure your possession, value the time and shine each moment like it's the first time”

Accessories are a thing of value, made a part of your collection with minutest detail and fulfilling endless criteria's. Earrings enhance your facial charm, so it's advised to select your accessories wisely. When it comes to accessory shopping there are few things to be kept in mind.

  1. Face shape: earrings should be aptly selected soothing to your facial features. Small studs and tiny hangings are much suited on a round face than long hangings and ring shaped earrings are welcomed on an oval or long shaped face. Face shape is a key factor for you to analyze what suits best for you. A face accessory should compliment your face shape for it to look the best for you when you step out for your day.
  2. Lifestyle: Ones accessories surely depend on their lifestyle and the profession they are in. An earring should complement the comfort level of the one that adorns. Heavy and flashy earrings might offend the occasion. An earring highlights your personality. A subtle and short ear set for office wear while a free choice of long danglers or funky hippie set of earrings for an outing is what will compliment the occasion.
  3. Skin tone: match the set of pairs you are wearing according to your skin. A wrong choice can overdo your look and ruin your evening. Be selective with the colours according to your skin type. A pleasant pair of pearl studs or a set of monochromes would make a fair deal of earrings to be worn around.
  4. Type: Settle your choice buds with the wide range of choices you have to choose the type ranging form precious and semi precious stones to knitted handwork. Handcrafted ear sets are quite in for the fashion. The choice of type is clearly a matter of preferences. Soothe your style with your liking for a particular type of ear sets. Share the joy of choice with the women around and set a trend.
  5. Budget: style up and be the icon to be followed but always respect your budget. Easily available alternatives and reasonable fashion wear can save you from spending endlessly on an expensive one. Quite favourable for college goers or if you are buying for an outing and don't wish to wear quite often always prefer reasonable set of accessories.

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