Five Popular Wedding Band Trends


Which bride are you? The traditional bride? The high-fashioned bride? The lifelong bride (dreaming of being one since you were a little girl) or the princess bride (with a diamond crown and lots of pink). Even if you are careless freak or a total bridezilla, your wedding ring style is as important as the type of bride you are. The type of ring you choose defines the beautiful bride in you. So whether you choose to settle for a plain platinum wedding band or ready to burn a hole in your fiance's pocket with that eight carat solitaire, we have few latest wedding ring trends for the special types of married woman!

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  1. The Princess bride: This is a trend we are really excited to see! A little more pink in the gold. Rose gold is an easy way to bring something unique to an otherwise classic design. A rose gold metal band with impressive three stone arrangement is unique to every princess married woman. A combination of different sidestones (preferably ruby) with a diamond in between is definitely beautiful and unique at the same time.
  1. The Traditional bride: A beautiful married woman in a delicate gown walking down the aisle with a sparkling smile and dreams in her eyes! The traditional bride likes everything in the way it is meant to be. Just like her thoughts, her diamond wedding band is defined with a traditional one centre stone in a base of gold. Round shaped solitaire studded dominantly represents timelessness of the bond.
  1. The Modern bride: Her wedding dress will be differently designed than the usual brides. Her wedding band will be a fusion of different metals decorated either in a delicate floral pattern or anything that is in trend. Her definition of way different than the traditional perceptions.
  1. The lifelong bride: She has always dreamt of being a beautiful married woman someday. Dressed in a stunning bridal wear adorned with the best of stones and pearls. Her elegant veil and the lovely flowers scattered in her way are all a part of the fairy tale she lived forever. Diamond eternity rings completely define this bride. Sturdily carved platinum with fine diamonds embedded in it, depicts her commitment for true love.
  1. The Sober bride: An elegant white gown with fragrant lilies around and a cool blue music playing in the background, this bride believes in simplicity. A plain platinum wedding band with an understated diamond will be her perfect choice.