Festival Season It39s Sparkle Time


If these lines resemble your condition and you're still procrastinating your Diwali jewelry shopping, clueless of what to buy, we update you with the latest jewelry trends in the fashion world.

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1. Boutique Jewelry

We are so done with the typical Oldie-Goldie designs that it's high time for a change. We adore off beat collections available online with designs so refreshing, you won't be able to resist yourself. From boho minimalists to animal-head rings to loud pebble neckpiece, boutique jewelry is totally a new direction in the bauble section. A combination of all the varied designs around the world, add this alluring collection to your jewel box and take your bling factor a notch high this Diwali!

2. Floral Jewelry

Bollywood is already overwhelmed with this jewel genre. What are you waiting for? Besides being the latest addition to the jewel collection, these jewels are light-weight, easy on pocket plus the captivating fragrance of flowers! Now who wouldn't want that?

Take cues from Kangana in “London Thumakda” or Bipasha's “Monkey Wedding”. Even Divyanka Tripathi was adorning floral jewelry during her mehndi.

Bottom line, stop contemplating and go get it now!

3. Temple Jewelry

If you've seen Alia Bhatt in 2 states, you would know where we're heading with this. We couldn't seem to stop gaping at her when she appears all goddess type in the wedding scene with that mesmerizing neckpiece and earrings. You can go for other variants in these by opting for a long raani haar and a kamarbandh and not to skip the maatha patti. The best part about this jewel is, you don't need to wear it all. Even if you keep it minimum with simple a necklace and earrings, they would look no less divine! Perfect for laxmi pooja, this jewel is a must in your jewel box.

4. Precious Jewels

Even though these jewels are everyone's favorite and would find in every home, these jewels simply never go out of style.

Be it gold, silver, platinum or diamond jewelry, these are the versatile ones which never fail to impress and make heads turn your way. Apart from these, give a shot to White gold or American Diamond jewelry for a change but still sticking to the base.

Or you can simply mix and match these with your other jewels.

Mix and match metals as your heart's desire as long as you don't wear it all at once.

Besides this, go a little unconventional and wear the same jewels in different ways, by wearing your paasa as an earring or and maang tikka both. Or your charm bracelet as a dangling anklet and leae a trail of harmony behind you.

Convinced enough? Now hurry and shop before the online Diwali shopping sale is over and you run out of the latest designs.

Keep your sparkle game so high that even the fashion police approves of you.