Fashionable Watches From Guess


The brand Guess was launched by Paul and Maurice Marciano in 1981 at Los Angeles. They are known for making high – precision watches which are fashionable as well as delicate. In 1984, Guess started making watches. Currently, they are present in all the sectors of fashion designing and have become one of the most successful and largest fashion brands in the world. Their revolutionary methods in designing, marketing and distributing fashionable lifestyle products have made them one of the most widely known fashion frontrunners in the modern in the men's and women's wearable markets.

Guess watches have been attentive about their reputation, so they have never compromised with their quality and performance. They always bring out trending ideas and brilliantly crafted designs to keep updated.

Guess watches offers an array of men's and women's watches. The women's watches are stylish, while men's watches reflect masculine design, products and technology. Collections like Casual, Calibre, Elegant, Prism, Rush are the most sought after, other collections like Willow, Wafer, Viva, Vista and many others are also available.

Men's Collection


This collection includes fashionable and attractive men's watches which are designed uniquely. The finely decorated dials are coloured in black, blue and white. The steel case complements with stainless steel straps in providing strength, while the leather and rubber straps give longevity. Their colourful bezel provides protection from heat, while the mineral glass cover gives protection from scratches. The water resistant technique extends their life span. Features like analogue, day date, chronograph and date display are available with these watches to make them perfect for the wearer's wrist.


The iconic collection comprises of men's watches which are eye -catching. Their brilliantly crafted designs makes them classy, while the fascinating interior decoration of the dials make them dashing. The blue and rose gold bezel colours add charm as well as protect them from getting scratches. The steel body provides strength to the watches. The leather, stainless steel and silicon straps produce various effects. Their water resistant quality increases their longevity. There are number of features like day date and chronograph which helps to keep accurate time and displays the current date.

Women's Collection


Women's watches from this collection are stylish as well as absorbing. They have luminous surface with distinguishing designs. The wonderfully crafted dials are coloured in rose gold, silver, white, blue and black. Some models have diamond studded above the bezel to enhance the appeal of the wearer's wrist. Leather, stainless steel and two tone bracelets are available with the watches. The leather bracelets are water resistant, while the stainless steel straps produce toughness, and the two tone bracelets brings variance.


This women's collection includes women's watches with simple designs. These pieces have round dials coloured in white and silver, which are measured in 30mm. Their steel base makes them solid, while the mineral glass cover protects them from scratches or any kind external damage. Leather and stainless steel straps are offered with the watches. Functions like analogue display are present in these watches to produce a conventional flair. Quartz movement is a quality which assists in keeping exact time.