Fashion Jewellery Your Daily Allies


Jewelleries are an essential accessory to help you change look every day, and express your mood of the moment. Daily jewelleries differ from a statement piece of jewellery which can often be expensive acquisitions; it can consist of multiple materials and stay at lower prices

If the border can sometimes seem blurred between statement jewellery and the daily piece of jewellery, note that the latter is a fashion accessory usually affordable, because of it being industrialized. The work of shapes and colours, or the combination of materials, gives the daily jewellery a new dimension, because it allows a much more important personalization of the look. Metal, pearls, rhinestones, seashells, feathers, synthetic stones and many elements are used to create original fashion jewelleries, even elevated to works of art by some artists. Among all jewellery designers, Shaun Leane jewellery stand out because of the variety it provides.

The fashion jewellery to wear according to your desires

Without jewels or precious metal, any piece of metal can take unusual textures or shapes: knots, flowers, stars, triangles, sweets, keys, fruits or vegetables, animal or vegetable. Together with your clothes, these accessory jewels will fulfil a utilitarian but also social function, linked to your image and the personality you wish to project, emphasizing or modifying your style. Like any jewel, indulge yourself and compete imaginatively in your look with extravagant necklaces, rings, pendants or bracelets! Take a look at the variety offered by Shaun Leane jewellery.

How to clean your fancy jewelleries

Neither gold nor silver, sometimes adorned with glass stones, fancy jewellery can make a lot of effects. Perhaps, but these high-fashion jewels sometimes have a uniqueness which can embellish any outfit. Here are some solutions to clean these jewelleries and prevent them from blackening.

  • Clean your jewellery with clay stone with a pinch of salt and a drop of dishwashing product. Then rub the jewellery in the hand: it will shine.
  • Remove white spots on a metallic fantasy jewellery using wool pad. Remove these stains by gently rubbing the jewellery with a wool pad, avoiding scratching the surface. For a faster effect, soak the wool pad in lemon juice. Rinse and dry.
  • Remove black spots on metallic fantasy jewellery by using bicarbonate. Rub the stains with a sponge moistened with soapy water mixed with little fine salt or baking soda.
  • Remove other stains on a fancy metal jewel by using oil. Rub the stains with a cloth dampened with a few drops of oil (the one for the salad), a few drops of product to wash dishes and a few drops of white vinegar.