Facts You Should Know To Buy A Round Brilliant Cut Diamond


Something which you would never be able to deny is a round brilliant cut diamond because of its extra shine and brilliance, and gorgeous looks. You may listen to demands from your bride to be about how she long yearned for a brilliant cut, and may have listened to the hush hush from other sources about how irresistible these brilliant cut stones are. Well, it's true that the round cut is one of the most sought after cuts for this superb brilliance, and that is why this is chosen widely.

Facts about a brilliant cut

Here are some interesting facts about a brilliant cut:

  • Normally a round pear diamond is the brilliant cut
  • Brilliant cut signifies the cut which imparts the maximum brilliance
  • To get the perfect brilliance, a round loose diamond should have 58 facets, however not all have 58 and rather have 57
  • The 58 facets includes the culet
  • Almost 75 percent of the diamonds are the round brilliant loose diamond

If you are planning to get one, try getting one as the center stone of a wedding ring, or engagement ring, or as the center stone in a pendant.

Here are some nice directions for good buying

When interested to buy one, you can get a round diamond by following these guidelines of the GIA. These guidelines by the GIA are to help a novice get a nice idea of how to buy the best brilliant cut.

  • A moderate diamond should be around 0.80 carats and a very good one should be 1 carat
  • Should have very good cut and have great polish and symmetry
  • I should be the moderate color, H the better choice and G the best
  • S|2 or S|1 are both good for clarity
  • It should have ideally no fluorescence and if at all then a mild blue fluorescence

If you understand the above directions well, you can then tell your sales person to show you such diamonds only, and refer to the GIA certificate for each piece to shortlist and finalize the stone. Else, you can simply follow the heart and mind with the simple understanding that any round loose is a brilliant cut in general, where the brilliance alters a little due to cut and clarity. However no stone is bad, and you will hardly notice any difference between an I and G color or a S|1 or S|2 in clarity with the plain eyes.