Everything You Want To Know About The Timehonored Rolex Watches


Rolex is a Swiss watch manufacturer known for their wristwatches. Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis started in 1905. Originally, the company was called Wilsdorf & Davis and later was recognized as Watch Company.

Their Rolex watches are known for two things: their excellent quality and their price rates. The pricing of these timepieces can vary anywhere from a few thousand to over a hundred thousand dollars. This is one major reason why there are many knockoff watches being sold. Many consumers want the looks and “prestige” of owning a Rolex but cannot afford or do not wish to pay the cost. It is sometimes very difficult to tell the difference between an original Rolex watch and a fake one.

Anyone wishing to purchase vintage watches should know that the initials 'W&D' are inside the caseback. These watches are the very old originals before the name was changed to Rolex. This is one way to be assured that you are not getting knockoff or fake Rolex watches. There are some consumers, however, that want to purchase the knockoff version because of the exorbitant price of the genuine timepiece. Many stores online sell used watches. Purchasing a used Rolex is something that many people do because there are getting a genuine Rolex watch but are not paying full price.

A major accomplishment of Rolex was in being the first watch company to invent a waterproof watch. The premier watch making company has also carved a niche for themselves by creating watches for deep-sea diving, mountain climbing and aviation. One of their early models was called the Rolex Submariner, a water-resistant watch made for diving. It was first introduced to the public in 1954 and is now a part of the Rolex Oyster Professional line of watches. In 2003, the company celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Submariner by making a Rolex Submariner Anniversary Edition with a green bezel and Maxi dial, which was to distinguish it from other submariner watches.

The Rolex Daytona is an officially certified, self-winding chronometer wristwatch created in 1961 and is almost a part of a limited edition. This watch, with its chronograph features, is one of the most sought after watches. The Daytona comes in a variety of beautiful designs and styles. Waiting lists were up to 7 years long and some dealers have paid up to $15,000 just to own this classy version.