Engagement Rings Are Memories For Life Select Wisely


Apart from the design and price, it is very important that the ring should fit in the wish list of your future life partner. She should love the ring so much to keep it for life. As we always find people wanting to buy that perfect engagement rings, we give you some tips on choosing the best one.

Tips on choosing the perfect engagement ring:

When you want to choose from the best store, then Caratstyle is your one stop store. We offer all kinds of engagement rings and have hundreds of designs and styles to select from. From designer wedding rings to royal bands, we sell it all.

Style: Well, it is very important to know her choice so that you can make that ultimate proposal for life. You must have a clear idea about her choices like if she prefers an ethnic ring or a modish band or a solitaire or diamonds or a particular design. So, know the style first!

Size: The size of the ring should be in accordance with the finger of your future partner. If the ring or stud is too big or too small then things may not look or feel good. One of the ways is to measure it through a thread – make a loop of a thread that fits her ring finger. And then measure it on scale and tell us about the exact measurement.

Observe: Well, to know her choice, you must see how she reacts to the ring on her friend's finger or how she thinks about rings on an online website like ours. Know what metal she wants – platinum, rose gold or gold. Observe her smile on seeing rings and then gauge about her choice.

Kind of ring: Well, if she loves diamonds then you can choose a cute solitaire that reminds her of infinite love. However, this may not be the case every time as she might not be a diamond fan. In that case, go for bands or delicate designs, if she may love them. This way, you need to be very clear with her choice of rings. You will find simple bands, diamond solitaires, gold and platinum, all kinds of rings with us.

Budget: You need to be careful about your financial planning and manage in a way that the ring suits your partner as well as your pocket.