Engagement Ring Style Guide


White chiffon and red roses may be floating in your mind, but everyone knows that the centerpiece token of your love and affection isn't in the wedding dress or the floral arrangements-it's in the ring. As you search for the perfect engagement rings in Michigan, here is your engagement ring style guide to help you sort through the different settings and diamond cuts to find the one that fits best.


When you think of traditional wedding rings, this is probably the type of ring you're thinking of. It's the simple metallic band with the centrally set diamond that glistens. It sounds simple, and it is, but it's also carefully tailored so that there are no defects or blemishes, and the typically round diamond rests just right in its prongs. Typically, a four-prong mounting is used, but it can vary. Another classic in variation is the three-stone wedding ring, with three matching diamonds placed in a row with the largest of the three in the middle. There's a symbolism to this ring style, which is meant to convey the timelessness of your past, present, and future together.


The basic idea of modern art is to avoid or shake off the limitations of a previous generation of art. This can result in some engagement ring designs that don't so much look like engagement ring designs. There are subtler ways to incorporate modernism into a ring design that may be more generally accepted, such as the use of a colored stone centerpiece in place of a white diamond, or an industrial-feeling metal such as platinum in place of white gold or silver.


The variety of vintage wedding rings is vast because there are so many arenas of inspiration from the past from which to derive them. You can choose an era, and in that era a style will be waiting, such as Art Deco, Victorian, or Etruscan.

Art Deco rings were considered modern in the 1920s and 1930s, and are as distinct as wedding rings come. They have geometric patterns and rich colors, with a centerpiece of ruby, sapphires, or even emeralds in place of a diamond.

Then with the Victorian style, you can have rings that incorporate arrangements of smaller diamonds-because large diamonds were much rarer at the time. A pearl centerpiece with a cluster of smaller diamonds was also a popular Victorian choice.

Etruscan is the oldest style of all, and the stones used in these bands are usually small. The band itself is thicker, surfaced with tiny beads of gold that give it a unique texture.

All in all, engagement rings and the style opportunities are incredibly vast, as diverse as the span of history itself. What matters most is that it's a design that your future fiancee will love and be able to cherish lastingly. If you're looking to learn more about engagement rings in Michigan, you should visit a knowledgeable jeweler who can assist you with narrowing down some of your options in the wedding ring selection process.