Engagement Ring Adorned With Diamonds Your Lady Can Not Say No


Planning for your engagement and want to propose to your dream girl? This is the time that most girls dream about since their childhood, so you have to make this very special moment for her. The first thing that comes to mind is indeed the engagement ring. And because your lady is the most lovable girl in the whole world, you need a very special ring for this day that can exhibit the love and what can be the best except diamonds ring glistening on the finger.

The variety and vivacity of ring :

Diamond engagement rings are elegant and unique and you can find ample of different styles and types of these rings. One of the most popular and highly recommendable is a solitaire engagement ring which is not only simple but comprises classic design. It is exclusive in its own way and still it is exceptionally graceful with its single sparkler ring setting. It is admired for its clearness, thus, augmenting the exquisiteness of girl who wears it. This ring like every other engagement piece symbolizes the love of a man to its woman. They are incredibly striking and eternal. As you can witness them in different sizes and shapes the choice of purchasing them is totally yours. You can pick that gem which you feel suits best to your lover.

Special eye-catching shapes :

Apart from the size of sparkling diamonds, it is the shape that distinguishes it from any other jewel. You can find a complete range of shapes like pear, oval, emerald and marquise but the most common and stylish cut is round. These different shapes lengthen the precious stone and make it emerge larger than its original size. Nowadays you can also find the square cut or princess cut, tear drop or pear to cut shape, arched shape, radiant shape and heart shape. These shapes are eye-catching because they are very exceptional and exclusive.

It is a common misapprehension that this type of ring is not expensive as compared to another type of rings because it comprises only one stone with a simple setting, however, because the stone in the ring is larger in size and of higher quality, it makes this ring relatively costly. With the surge of the online jewelry store, you can see many other different styles that are getting popular, but still, many girls prefer the classic and timeless beauty.

No hole in your pocket :

When you happily give your lover the very stars and moon, your selection of ring alas be restricted by your budget. While wedding protocol book suggests that you should spend at least two month's salary for an engagement ring, consider that it is only a rule. Romance and love cannot be simply converted into financial figures and therefore an expensive ring cannot convey a grand love. True love is about complementing the gift to the persona of the receiver, and revealing that you have the actual acknowledgment of her qualities, so purchasing a ring from big-shot shops is not important as the price tag attached. You can find the multitude of great jewelers online, all you have to perform a comprehensive search for the ring that suits her, and nobody knows if you can find the most precious piece at a great wholesale price.

Design of your own :

Currently, several stores are providing the facility of designing your own ring as per your choice. All you have to select your online store carefully and wow, now you can design your perfect ring according to your budget, stone shape, size, and type of metal.

Conclusion :

Customization makes your ring more affordable as you can pick each element within your funds, and so more and more jewelry store are offering this alternative to their customers and relatively close to the same price as a pre-made jewelry. This indicates that now you can attain the exact ring you desire without snooping all over the town desperately trying to find the perfect one. You can also browse into GoldeNet as the store has an abundant collection of precious diamonds to make your love shine like a star!!