Emporio Armani Meccanico Automatic Power Reserve AR4239 Mens Watch


Pros: A beautiful watch irrespective of whichever angle you look at it from and has a very comfortable fit.

Cons: Not recommended for anyone with exceptionally thin wrists; it's slightly large and deep compared to other dress watches, which looks good on medium to large sized wrists.

Emporio Armani presented the Meccanico as a part of its Fall/Winter collection and focused on automatic mechanical movements, which, according to the brand, combines technical innovation with timeless style in a perfect blend. The mechanical movement of the Meccanico is a 28-jewel automatic featuring a power reserve indicator, a small seconds dial and a date complication.

Is that everything? Almost; what we didn't mention yet is each of these movements undergoes a 1,000-hour test that ensures their precision and overall quality.

The Meccanico AR4239 comes in a rectangular case and with a transparent case back that makes the movement and its Cotes de Geneve visible, which upgrades the wearer to a cool, modern look. The Emporio Armani Meccanico Automatic Power Mens Watch is a piece of high fashion for the wrist and at an exclusive price.

Those who are looking for just a great piece of casual accessory that's versatile enough to wear every day are also recommended the Emporio Armani Meccanico Automati Mens Watch. At the same time, it also doubles up as a stunning, designer accessory that brings the opportunity to its wearer for showcasing his personal style. It serves as a statement about his place in life and the way the world views him; the beautiful craftsmanship and high-end technology join hands to make the Meccanico an impressive piece in the world of affordable luxury.

The Meccanico is built on the key element of the interpretation of functionality through sophisticated design elements. An increased efficiency and precise timekeeping guaranteed to go strong through the years, the Meccanico's details are quintessentially Armani and its design, both smooth and ergonomic. Together, it makes for a much understated and very elegant demeanour, ideally matching every aspect of the life of a contemporary man within a contemporary urban setting. From everyday casual to strictly formal, the Emporio Armani Ceramica men's watch goes with all.

Expose the watch to bright lights and immediately is springs to life! It shimmers and reflects every ray that falls on it, further highlighting its unique and excellent design, Ideal for larger wrists but it's not that it will not look good on those that are slender in comparison. This is a watch that doesn't catch your attention only due to its sheer size and glam, its fascinating design is the first thing that will make you turn around and have a look at it.