Emporio Armani Hybrid Watches Enjoy The Smart World In A Classic Look


Smartwatches are now trending in the fashion industry. Watch manufacturers gradually tapping the market with their newest launches and extraordinary collections of smartwatches. But, they also create monotony in features and designs. The manufacturers, more or less, offer the same touch screen and connected functions. The Android wear device also needs innovation; otherwise, it will lose its position in the watchmaking. Emporio Armani releases the need for introducing a new look so that people can enjoy smart functions in a unique way. They introduced hybrid watches that perform like smart phones, but look a watch.

Hybrid watches have become the buzzword that steals the attention of tech-savvy minds. These watches come with an analogue display, but offer smart functions like connected features.

Emporio Armani Hybrid Watches:

The introduction of smart watches by Emporio Armani has witnessed a new association in the timekeeping world. The brand associated with Fossil and brought the new connected collection for the watch lovers. These watches also get a touch of a renowned fashion company to make them fashionable jewellery. Like other smart watches, the operating system of the timepieces is compatible with both Android and iOS apps.

Watch hands can say a lot of things:

smartwatches, no doubt, satisfies the craze of technology. But they miss the age-old charm of the conventional watch. People who love the classic look of the timepieces need to compromise with the design in order to get smart features. The brand understands the drawbacks of these watches and design timepieces that give equal pleasure in terms of offering both traditional looks and advanced functions.

How does an analogue watch perform the smart functions? The answer lies in the movement of hands of the watches. The hands tell you about the notification, calls and other features very smartly. When you receive a WhatsApp update, your watch notifies you with a little vibration and the movement of hands to 3 o'clock. They keep you updated on the notifications received from Facebook, Instagram, Emails, Calls and appointments.

More than just a smartwatch:

Apart from the above-mentioned functions, these have also come with some extra features. The three buttons on the side of the dial allow you to navigate functions like changing between time-zones, keeping your phone ringing, and taking a picture through a phone cam.

With your watch, you can also enjoy the rhythm of your favourite music. You can also skip and repeat a song as per your mood through the smartwatches.

Track a Record of your Activity:

The activity tracker of smartwatches is no new. But analogue watches perform the same function is interesting. The Emporio Armani Hybrid watches give everything that you expect from the android wear devices along with giving the traditional designs of watchmaking. With the activity tracker, you can count the steps you covered daily. The functions even allow you to analyse your sleep pattern – an interesting function that remained untouched by the other manufacturers.

In terms of giving battery services, Emporio Armani Hybrid watches satisfy the demand of watch-lovers as they work for long times. They work nearly immortal. The brand has brought out a few variants of the smartwatches that are clad in gold-tone, black, gunmetal and stainless steel. These timepieces have come up with 22mm cases and offer 30 meters of water resistance.

The hybrid smart watches from Emporio Armani are indeed a breakthrough in the timekeeping world. Retaining a simple yet elegant design of the watches, these timepieces offer smart technologies in a traditional way.