Emporio Armani Classic Quartz Black Dial AR0680 Mens Watch


In the realms of fashionable modern watches, there's perhaps no other brand than Emporio Armani that stands synonymous with sleek sophistication, quality and style, all packed into one! The brand exudes the kind of elegance that's carefree and contemporary; at the same time, it's streamlined and youthful.

Crafted from the finest of materials shaped into an innovative design, the Emporio Armani Mens Watch is bound to impress them who are young at heart but at the same time, full of worldly experience, knowledge and wisdom. Conveying a cool, classy, urban image, this popular EA model harbours an irresistible urge that satisfies fashion with a youthful spirit in accordance with the core Armani philosophy: A watch tells more than just time and reveals something about the wearer. Distinctive and forceful, the Emporio Armani Mens Watch is a piece to be reckoned with much appreciation, appraisal and respect!

The Emporio Armani Ceramica Quartz Black Dial AR0680 Mens Watch highlights the cool and casual side of its wearer on one hand; while on the other, it represents a sporty and spirited outlook about life in general. So whether you go for a ride in a private yacht or to a dressy dinner party, the Emporio Armani Mens Watch brings the right look to suit every personality, every mood and every occasion, telling the world about who you are!

It's the sharp contrast of the Emporio Armani Classic Mens Watch that readily grabs an onlooker's attention; black and steel always makes for a combo that's versatile and with an access to every setting. The retro-styled small-seconds counter and Roman numeral markings bring it the perfect look for formal occasions, whereas the partly elongated, roundish case topped with a super-strong mineral crystal imparts it a dress-sport demeanour.

The weight is more of an appealing kind rather than being appalling; it's enough to make the wearer feel its presence but not burdensome. A complete absence of sharp edges ensures that it won't rip your expensive suits or pull out threads and being quartz-driven, you can toss your worries regarding accurate timekeeping out of the windows. Agreed it's not of a chronometer grade, but then again, less than ten seconds of deviation a month is a pretty decent one.

Overall, this classic black and dark silver finished, stainless steel made Emporio Armani Meccanico Black Dial AR0680 Mens Watch is both an attractive and a feasible choice when it comes a comfortable daily beater. In case there is a strong shower, its 50 meters of water resistance assures you that there is absolutely nothing to be worried about.