Emerald World39s Premier Green Stone


For centuries people have admired Emerald's green color and used it as a standard for green among all the colored stones. Lush Emerald green landscapes, Emerald green eyes are some of the ways this beautiful gemstone finds its way in common parlance. It was mined in Egypt as early as 3500 BC but it was only after its discovery in Colombia, South America in sixteenth century that it before available for commercial use. Before this, it was only used by the royal classes for its magical healing properties and as an offering to God. The major sources of this stone are Colombia, Zambia, Brazil and Zimbabwe and finest Colombian Emeralds stone are the standard against which other stones are judged.

The finest most desirable emeralds are bluish green to green with vivid saturation and the most prized ones are highly transparent. It is a variety of beryl and chromium, vanadium and iron are the elements responsible for Emerald's mesmerising color.

Emerald Treatments

Most Emeralds have surface reaching fractures and people use various types of fillers in the form of oils and resins to fill these fractures. Filling fractures with oil deepens an Emerald's color and makes it look more even. Although fracture-filling has been a common trade practice since as long as people have been cutting them but it has only been a decade that consumers have become more aware about it have started raisings concerns over it. Although fracture filling has become fairly acceptable in the market today as without it the supply of Emeralds would be a fraction of what it is today but artificially altering an Emerald's color by using colored oil is widely unacceptable in trade as color is one of the defining properties of Emerald.

Imitation and Synthetic Emeralds

Colored glass is frequently used to imitate emerald stone and presence of gas bubbles, concave facets and rounded facet junctions indicate towards stone being an imitation. Other commonly used imitations are synthetic spinel triplet, synthetic cubic zirconia (CZ).

Today many synthetic emeralds, manufactured using flux and hydrothermal processes have flooded the market and it requires careful testing using advanced equipments to identify if the gemstone is artificial or natural. Generally synthetic emeralds have fewer fractures and better clarity as compared to natural stones. Therefore, it is always advisable to buy a lab-certified Emerald stone.

Emerald's Astrological significance

Emerald stone also known as Panna has been used since times immemorial for its astonishing healing properties. According to vedic astrology, it represents the planet Mercury. If Mercury is placed in an auspicious house that it can bring many benefits to the wearer. A good quality emerald without defects brings wealth, good health, gives the right direction in life, sharpens memory and intelligence. It also soothes the mind, gives mental peace and helps in meditation. It also helps the wearer do well in competitive exams, prevents loss of money in business and enables to build a good reputation. It always gives clarity of speech and thought and excellent communication skills and is therefore an excellent stone for actors, journalists, writers and public speakers. It is also used to cure many diseases related to liver, kidneys, intestine and also purifies the blood. It also strengthens the positive life force, boosts self confidence, helps to formulate new ideas and gives the strength to implement them as well. To get maximum benefits, the stone should be free from blemishes and inclusions like spots, cracks as otherwise the cosmic healing radiations of Mercury are not transmitted effectively.