Dominican Republic One Of The Best Native Locations For Amber


Ambers are the fossilized resins that are formed from the trees. They have a huge demand all over the world due to the exquisite looks they present with the solidification of the resins over a large period of time. These are originally sticky substances that trickle down the trees. During this process, they may include certain objects like an ant or spider that gets trapped in this substance and creates a spectacle. These objects are known as inclusions and are the major elements of the attraction of Amber. It creates a spectacle like capturing a moment in history that can be cherished for a lifetime.

Found in specific regions

Amber is found at certain locations around the globe. The main regions where you will get the best quality Ambers are the Baltic regions, countries of Eastern Europe and the Dominican Republic and Poland. The Dominican amber is considered one of the best and the sourcing of this Amber has become one of the eminent trades of the region. Here you will find the best blue grade ambers. The rarest varieties of this blue grade amber are found in this country. There are many companies here who are into the business of sourcing the native amber which is in huge demand all over the globe.

Largest use in jewelry

The Amber has the largest use in the jewelry industry. The uncommon color effects the ambers produce make it so endearing to the jewelry loving ladies all over the world. These ambers are available in a huge range of colors. They are available in the hue variations of brown, yellow and orange. The blue ones of the Dominican Republic are one of the rarest varieties that fetch huge prices. The light effects are best felt when the sunlight falls on these ambers. The amazing play of light makes them so expensive and longed for.

Have excellent healing effects

Amber is also used in the perfumes. It has also been used in medicines for a long period. Wearing of amber is considered to be very good for health. It is supposed to heave immense healing power. It is supposed to be warm and on wearing it, a cooling effect is created in the human body. It can help a person get rid of the negative elements and bring back balance in the body. A person is relieved of stress and creates a sense of peace. It is particularly beneficial to persons who are disturbed mentally.

Purchase the best quality

If you are going for purchasing of amber, you can go for Dominican amber, which is supposed to among the best in the world. They are of the purest quality and getting them from reputed sellers will ensure their quality. Having a very high demand, the amber fossils are also exported to other countries. The original amber jewelry is all handmade and has a huge demand in the market. Each and every piece of jewelry is unique. But you should be ready to pay the price of the best quality products.